La Bouche cosmetic is an environmentally conscious lipstick brand and this brand not only offers perfect shades of red but also natural ingredients and sustainable packaging. This cosmetic was established to raise the awareness of plastic from the ocean and makes us more aware of the importance of protecting the sea from plastic waste and as much as possible recycling the plastic waste.


Cosmetic labels generally use plastic packaging and their high dependence on oil so that it will be difficult to find a list of designers in the field of cosmetics who are environmentally conscious. But this French fashion house is revolutionizing its industry, by giving more attention to the environment and giving human values. Their cosmetic packaging is free of plastic and the color refill is the most environmentally friendly refill ever made and without harmful polymers.


“I like the idea that buying lipstick can be an activist because it is a symbol of conscience,” said the model Anja Rubik, Maison’s real face, which launched two new colors with the New York concept store The Webster earlier this year. She continued: ‘Only creativity and collaboration will end marine plastic pollution.’


Nicolas Gerlier Founder of Cosmetics La Bouche

Nicolas Gerlier created a “cosmetic home” because when he created La Bouche Rouge, he was inspired by “perfume house”.He believed the beauty industry must return to artistic value and promote product sustainability as the core of its strategy. He is a beauty teacher from France who has two years of experience in the company of L’Oréal and Phyto.


Nicolas Gerlier stressed out that his brand was the first cell cosmetic product incubated at station F, Paris Xavier Niel’s start-up campus. La Bouche Rouge, which will soon expand its make-up offerings, also makes bespoke lipsticks starting this year, thanks to an application that takes color photos and moves them to lipstick.


With La Bouche Rouge, these cosmetic professionals have created luxury cosmetic brands, both those that are desirable and respectful of the environment and humanity.


This brand tries to combat the pollution because there are about one billion lipsticks thrown away every year into the sea, increasing contamination. In September 2016, Gerlier collaborated with Ezra Petronio, a well-known creative director in the fashion and beauty industry, to build a concept that made a breakthrough in cosmetics namely sustainable lipstick.


La Bouche Cosmetic Made in Paris

At present, the product is truly produced in France, remaining true to its historical story. “We even decided to refuse to import our products in China because it requires testing in animals,” said Soriano, the COO of La Bouche.


Soriano also revealed the high amount of lipstick is thrown away every year in the world so she believes that our generation cannot continue to think, produce, and consume like the previous generation. Wasteland will become too full, which is why they create brands that care about the environment. This is a project with socially responsible that is driven by enthusiasm.


Lipstick from La Bouche Rouge has been packed in a place made of leather that can be reused. The refill is also environmentally friendly: without polypropylene and polyoxymethylene. In terms of formulas, La Bouche Rouge also removes endocrine disruptors. For cosmetic lovers who want to help maintain the balance of the ocean can switch to  La Bouche cosmetic from Paris.


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