Crescent horn necklace has a meaning instead of just a shape of the moon. A crescent shape is a symbol used to represent the lunar phase in the first quarter or a symbol representing the Moon itself. It is used as the astrological symbol for the Moon and the alchemical symbol for Silver. It was also the emblem of Diana-Artemis that represented virginity. In Roman Catholic Marian veneration it is associated with the Virgin Mary.

From its use as roof finial in Ottoman in the mosques, it has also become associated with Islam and the crescent was introduced as chaplain badge for Muslim chaplains in the US military in 1993.

The word crescent is derived etymologically from the present participle of the Latin verb crescere to grow which is technically denoting the waxing moon.

Crescent horn necklace black

Crescent horn necklace is an eco jewelry

The fascination and the love we have for jewelry and the value we put on owning it has created many problems for the environment.It also for those working to bring precious metals and gems out of the ground goes into our jewelry boxes.

Many of us are just beginning to realize these bad effects. Certainly, the movie called Blood Diamond helped raise awareness and we are starting to look for other alternatives that will not harm the environment. There are a lot of problems surrounding the mining of gems and metals involving big business and politics. Blood diamond is a great movie but there are real people living with this reality.The movie has a real story that needs our care and attention.

Luckily we are more informed and smarter with our shopping habit.We want to put our dollars out there for eco jewelry. If we do that we are sending the message that this is what we expect for our money. The change will happen and has been happening as jewelry designers and makers begin to work to make changes we all can live not only to us but to our beautiful earth. One to bear in mind that some jewelry are good for the environment because its upcycling the trash and making it into beautiful piece of art like crescent horn necklace. Beautiful eco jewelry is being made that appeals to our desires but also appeal to our earth-friendly side.

Crescent horn necklace gold

Crescent horn necklace and  our choice

What is our choice?

Information is key to making smart purchases. Recycled jewelry does it all from elegant to fun.

From recycled gold and silver to recycled aluminum can, jewelry designers are creating adorable and creative eco jewelry by reinventing what was old or unusable.A lot of fine jewelers are giving new life to old gold and gemstones while creating elegant and chic pieces to please everyone.

In addition, there are that designer and manufacturers who turn trash into treasure, fresh and elegant designs. Many different styles can be found online and offline. Locally look at shops like boutique from small to big famous one that carries handmade crescent horn necklace as part of saving our environment.

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