Noor Zakka, an American designer managed to change the old and worn jeans that were originally useless items into charming jeans. Through her creative spirit, she remodeled old jeans into fashionable clothes and built her own brand called Noorism.


Noorism transforms vintage denim jeans by separating and making them a new contemporary women’s clothing and accessories. Each item has a unique appearance, different from the others because of the nature of the basic materials. Each design has pre-existing stories and history.


After completing her studies in the field of Fashion, Noor was concerned about a large amount of clothing waste produced by the fashion industry every year. Based on this, she was then committed to creating quality clothing without having to pollute the environment. Since then Noorism was created in 2015 by focusing on making fashion products from vintage jeans.


Noor Zakka and Her Concern for Fashion Waste

The brand was founded after she felt disappointed with the amount of waste from disposable clothing produced every year by the Fashion industry. She graduated from the Fashion Technology Institute specializing in sewing, she is not only designed for her brand but also designed for other brands such as Zac Posen, Tahari and Ellen Tracy in New York. The company is based in Brooklyn and is committed to creating quality clothing and accessories produced in safe working conditions in the New York area.


Made in New York, the United States means the products are local and not made in sweatshops which mean employing underage small children. This is also more expensive to produce because labor costs are higher, especially in New York, so it must be part of the story and part of the experience, “Zakka explained. “I like making clothes in New York because the whole process can be done from start to finish.”


Noor Zakka and Vintage Jeans

The brand named Noorism presents a collection of clothing from vintage jeans in various types and designs. In its collection, Noorism presents clothing in the form of clothes, pants, skirts, and accessories.


“The clothes we produce all have their own uniqueness. “Every clothing collection has its own story because every outfit is made of different materials with different story backgrounds,” Noorism claims on its official website.


When viewed from the model, Noorism presents clothing with a style that is a simple and modern blend. This brand prioritizes comfort for its users so that the clothes produced by them are all simple. The entire outfit from Noorism also does not undergo a re-coloring process to maintain the original color of the old jeans fabric they use.  Noorism displays clothes with a variety of models ranging from tank tops, blazers, one-piece dresses, skirts, pants, and shirts. This label also presents collections in the form of a wrap skirt and culottes pants.


Not only clothes in the form of pants and skirts, but Noorism also presents a collection of accessories made from the same vintage jeans material, including a bucket hat with a new model inspired by British artist Audrey Hepburn. Not only that, but Noorism also produces a tote bag collection that can support a more attractive appearance.


Zakka is committed to making quality products that are produced in a safe work environment. The label itself, Noorism, makes Noor Zakka donate 5 dollars for every item sold to support water conservation efforts in the world.


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