Annabel Caren Clark. The negative impact of environmental damage is clear in front of our eyes. Such conditions should be more aware and increase our concern as part of the community to protect for the better environment.


There needs to be more awareness from the community that protecting the environment is not only the responsibility of the government, volunteers, activists or environmentalists. All these things are the responsibility of all of us, including the young generation of the nation’s successors.


In order to foster enthusiasm so the younger generation continues to actively participate in environmental protection and management, there needs to be a program involving elementary schools to be more concerned and aware of the social impacts that can be caused to the environment


Climate change, the preservation of wildlife, and the problems facing our planet may seem far greater than all of us, but there is no need to wait until reaching certain ages to have a positive impact on the environment. We all can make a tremendous difference to the environment around us.


Young activists started on a small scale, but their actions have since made such a powerful impact that they can help save the fate of our beloved planet. One of the most inspiring teenagers is Annabel.


Annabel Caren Clark is The Young Activist

She is from Dallas, Texas and is still 18 years old. Annabel’s activism movement had begun small, she gathered her classmates in high school to plant milkweed around the school for monarch butterflies at the height of their migration season.


After her colleagues expressed a desire to learn more about environmental conservation but lack of knowledge about how to take action, Annabel then looked for ways to get involved and finally found the Panda Ambassador World Wildlife Fund program. In the program, she was chosen to serve as a super activist and work directly with WWF to lead and advocate for conservation issues in the United States and around the world.


From her experience there, Annabel immediately brought that knowledge to her classmates and she created her own World Wildlife Fund Club, where she continued to research and prepare presentations about species such as snow leopards, elephants, and other marine life. At present, the group is one of the most popular student groups in school, and since then she has also made programs for high school students.


Annabel Caren Clark The Winner of the Hendrix College Book Award

The initiative she has taken to create a movement where no one has ever reached for her age is that she succeeded in getting the Hendrix College Book Award for artistic creativity, global awareness, professional development and leadership, service to the world, and research.


“There is so much potential to change, but nobody does anything in my community. Environmental actions are not only for certain types of people.”

She also added that people do not have to adjust any stereotypes to become environmentalists. Her advice for teenagers everywhere is to start by committing to some simple habits, such as signing an online petition and educating themselves on how to help the environment. The trick is like reading bulletins and environmental agency websites.


She recommends continuing to keep up with current events about environmental policy and try to hold events and fundraisers and start an email chain so that they can communicate with each other to share that information. Annabel Caren Clark is a real example that if you want to protect our beloved planet, you don’t have to wait for being an adult, everyone can start on early age.


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