A Norwegian brand, Norrona was founded by Jørgen Jørgensen, a nature lover in 1929. The company started when Jørgensen began to look for durable outdoor equipment for conducting activities in hard Norway.


Norrona is currently led by his great-grandson, also named Jorgen Jorgensen. He was also the person who opened Norrona’s first store in 2009. While this brand started as a brand of clothing and outdoor equipment, it now extends to other areas such as garden furniture.


Norrona currently focuses on outdoor clothing and expedition equipment for various sports, including Arctic surfing, hunting, trekking, hiking, climbing, mountain climbing, snowboarding, and skiing. They also launched their children’s collection in 2014.


Norrona is one of the pioneers in popularizing “striking” colors in outerwear. Lofoten is the company’s flagship product which is a wide-cut snowsuit to adapt to snowboarding, downhill skiing, or cross country. More than five hundred units sold annually.


Materials and Industry from Norrona

Norrona is famous for its innovation and has a large research and development department. The brand launches the first tunnel tent used by mountaineers, introduces Gore-Tex technology in Europe, and creates ergonomic standards for backpacks.


Nylon and Polyester are the main fabrics in addition to the use of BioNylon®, which is a sustainable fabric made from castor beans and provides all the qualities of Nylon, with no environmental impact and shorter drying time.


The inner layer used by this brand from the highest quality. The material comes from the Pyrenees Mountains. In addition, their products are made without using harsh chemical dyes or bleach, dangerous pesticides, and are also free from allergies.


Norrona uses 100% organic cotton in all its clothing and cotton products. They use PureRecycled technology to recycle polyester to add pure organic cotton to dry faster, increase durability and strength.


Their jackets and clothing use Gore-Tex fabric, which is windproof and waterproof. This also includes increasing breath power to provide maximum comfort and protection to the wearer.


They also use Polartec® Power Stretch®, which is a one-sided feather that keeps you dry and offers warmth without additional weight. Their products also use Polartec Thermal Pro, which forms airbags that trap air and retain body heat.


The process of making Norrona is very perfect, proven by the high quality of its products, which are often praised online by customers. One of their best-selling products is the Svalbard Gore-Tex jacket for men.


How expensive are Norrona products?

Norrona is a brand of high-quality sports clothing and outerwear, which uses excellent materials. Their products are slightly more expensive compared to other brands from the same category. Many of their products cost more than $ 250, with the Gore-Tex line priced at more than $ 600


Norrona jacket is definitely worth the price. This brand uses innovative technology to create exceptional quality jackets that can keep you warm and comfortable. They also design colorful jackets that are hard to find in other brands. Equally important, Norrøna has an extensive repair center in Oslo, Norway and 24 regional brand shops around the world where they encourage buyers to bring their products for repair rather than buying new ones.



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