Companies around the world have been looking for ways to combat the growth of the plastic waste that has sprung up in innovative ways, one of that is an initiative from an American company that makes bracelets. Cape Clasp, a company based in Falmouth, Massachusetts, is an example of a business that prioritizes ocean cleanliness. This bracelet is made from recycled plastic that comes from the ocean.

tikos bracelet

#Makewave Movement From Tikos Bracelet

From the start, the company has been committed to its mission of #makewave for marine life. Over time, they realize that it is their responsibility as a brand to not only support nonprofit partners but also to look closely at how the business and daily habits impact the ocean and take steps to reduce the environmental footprint.


This journey has taken place in parallel with a growing call to reduce dependence on disposable plastics. This is a good reason to fight plastic waste because eight million tons of plastic enter the ocean every year or about two garbage trucks in every minute.

Tikos Bracelets From Ocean Plastic Waste

Plastics are cheap, lightweight, and easy to make, so it is not surprising that they have become the first choice for large companies around the world. An estimated 4 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide each year, in America alone around 14 billion use plastic bags. In addition, 1 million plastic bottles are purchased every minute worldwide.


But with this comfort, of course, it brings other costs to the earth. Planet Earth has suffered at the expense of our addiction to plastic. It is estimated that 1 million marine animals are killed every year due to being caught in plastic or swallowing it. Including 90% of seabirds have eaten plastic in the ocean as well.


If this is not addressed, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. The amount of plastic in the oceans is estimated to more than double by 2030. It’s easy to feel hopeless when reading these statistics. But if we all promise to rethink our daily habits, collective action can make a significant impact and change our addiction to plastic.


That is why the company created tikos bracelet made from 100% recycled sea plastic. Each bracelet has a meaning with a promise and a different color as a reminder for the user.


Not using a straw is a reminder for a black bracelet, not using a disposable glass is a reminder for a teal colored bracelet, always carry your own shopping bag that can be reused is a reminder for a navy blue bracelet, and a tan or beige colored bracelet is a reminder to always clean the beach.


Please note that each making of plastic bracelets is equivalent to 100 plastic bottles thrown in the ocean. Buying a tikos bracelet means supporting one sustainable way to protect the planet.


tikos bracelettikos bracelet

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