Recycling is certainly very good, but if you can reuse it will be better. One of those who did that was a bag made by the Escama studio. Canned drinks are increasingly consumed around us; making garbage from the beverage cans accumulate.


It was a very unique idea by using the material from the pull tab can, the studio can modify into various forms of unique handbags and other fashion products. The Escama Team is a sustainable fashion company based in California, United States, and Brazil.


The origin Name of Escama

The name Escama is taken from Portuguese which means ‘fish scales’. The name was chosen because their flagship product is made of a pull tab from drinking can that resembles metal scales. These fashion products are marketed consisting of various types including bags, clothes, vests as well as some unique accessories such as necklaces and earrings.


All materials are 100 percent recycled by aluminum rings. They bought it in large quantities at a recycling center located in Brasília, Brazil. There is also the process of managing the ring from a beverage can, which is initially washed and rinsed several times with clean water and then not forgetting to be disinfected so that the germs contained can disappear. Then the sharp edges of the ring are polished and trimmed.


The Socorro shoulder bag is the most popular type since it was first launched. The bag is the work of Francisca Ribeiro de Souza at the end of 2003. The price ranges from 60 to 550 dollars depending on the type of the bag. Now, the craftsmen and designers have begun to develop other styles that are as nice as the previous style.


The craftsmen besides the contract producers are also employees who work in the studio. This collaboration eventually helped to increase the livelihoods of female artists in Brazil. In the beginning, in 2004, only 12 artists produced accessories for Escama. At present, the number is increased to more than 100 people.


Escama and the Fair Trade System

Behind the work they make, each has a different travel story. Payment given to craftsmen is also given competitively and appropriately for each product they produce. The income generated is also higher than the minimum monthly wage in Brazil.


Escama is also a member of the Fair Trade Federation (FTF), so it follows the principles of trade by offering a fair wage for each product. On the official website of, the company claims to be an innovator that reuses disposed and reprocessed objects to produce value higher or upcycling.


The mission Escama wants to highlight is to create the latest fashions and promote crafts through fair trade companies in an environmentally friendly way.



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