Hermes horn necklace is the brand from Paris, France that all the women in the world are crazy about. It will be a good idea to tell about how the French woman dress up so we know better the homeland of this famous brand.

How to get the  French look

– French woman don’t wear heels all the time

Some people think that the French women wear heels every day. Well, the French women do wear a lot of flats .Especially those who need to walk a lot in their daily activities for instance like Parisians. So you can still wear your black ballet flats as one of the items that you need to have in your wardrobe.

-Do not wear the typical French pieces all at once

Don’t go overboard if you want to go out on the French look. Don’t pair the stripe with Barret and over sized sunglasses, ballet pumps, and red lipsticks all at once. It is just too much and it will cover the real beauty of you.

Hermes horn necklace purple

French look  and pairing it with your Hermes horn necklace

-Don’t skip hair and makeup completely and you think you can get the French look

French ladies will get very dressy and then skip or go light on the makeup and hair. The balance creates this effortless look.You just can’t  have a doll style with perfect long hair and a lot of makeup and french manicure at the same time.

Make sure you still put some point of your look with Hermes horn necklace because it is still different between effortless look and not putting any effort at all.

Try to be really good in getting light make up because if it’s wrong, you will just add more years to your appearance. French style icons might go for the “just got out of bed” look, but “no makeup” makeup looks can be hard to achieve and perfectly tousled hair takes a fair few products.

Don’t just wake up and put your clothes on and you will think that you will look like a Frech model with Hermes horn necklace and just got out of bed look. Make some effort even for this light type of makeup.

Hermes horn necklace chunky

Pairing your Hermes horn necklace with stylish blue jeans

-It is okay to wear jeans and sneakers in France

Some people might think French women do not wear jeans or sneakers. Nowadays, French women do as much as in every other country. Still, to bear in mind, gym trainer’s don’t quite make the cut, it’s more petite converse style will go for this looks.A washed out blue jeans will give more French looks than wearing your black skinnies jeans.

-Don’t be afraid  wearing loose fitting clothes

A key lesson to learn from French style is that clothes don’t have to be totally form-fitting because slouchy style can look just as flattering.The French are fans of loose fitting comfy shirts

Part of the effortless cool seems to come from not caring if every single item of clothing shows off your best features, but thinking about how the overall look works.

For example, low rise loose jeans pairing with baggy shirt might make your waist disappear, but this outfit will highlight the wrists, ankles, and collarbone. It will just as flattering than wearing a tight fitting dress.Don’t forget to match it with your Hermes horn necklace.


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