Based on the trend forecasters, eco-fashion is going to be on the rise and the focus on innovative material, supply chains, and at the same time needs to be beautiful designs. The fashion experts are able to predict eco-fashion trends for 2018 based on the data that is more available right now.

The consumers have shown a high interest in the sustainability of the products and all the brands either big and small start-ups are creating eco-friendly fashion to attract this kind of customer base.

– Wages and living conditions

The workers in the developing countries have been exploited for far too long so the focus of the consumers has turned to the complete supply chain of the items that they are buying. The consumers want to know the living conditions and the wages of the workers.

-Say no to the fast fashion

The consumers have more awareness of the items that they are going to wear. Stunning designed accessories that are made out of sustainable material manufactured in humanitarian conditions will be in focus.

The movement against fast fashion will continue rising in 2018, as people learn that cheap materials like plastic not only have less durability, but they also can cause harm to the people who make and wear it.

The Forecasters are predicting that become more people want to try to buy according to ’30 wears’ rule, for example buying only those products that a person can wear at least 30 times.

-Fashion that is timeless

This is designed by craftspeople, who come up with fashion pieces you are proud to wear and can last longer. Fashion that lasts will be the trend rather than disposable items, which have no history behind them.

People are going to buy items that are well designed and well made, rather than those which only contribute to polluting the environment. All the big brands will have to sit up and take notice of start-ups which are chic and sustainable at the same time.


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