A lot of influencers wearing a horn choker on many occasions. It’s all because necks are the new cleavage for most celebrities. Horn chokers have adorn celebrities necks. We need to say sayonara for the time being to the statement necklace.

A big hello to the horn choker that embellished many necks in the 90s. Chokers peaked in the 1990s, flooded the 2004 to 2005 catwalks, came back again in summer  2012 and popped up again this season. Undeniably horn chokers work best with a low-cut top or off shoulders dress, anything that can cover your collar bones is the wrong way to match with your horn choker.

Chokers can make anything revealing feel elegant and work with almost any style of clothes except the high neck clothes. It is quite a versatile piece and romantic at the same time as long as your neck’s length allows it.

If nature didn’t grant you a long neck with enough space between the chin and the shoulders, then horn choker still can be the accessory for you.Try to wear a thin style choker and a lower v neck to make your neck looks long. This amazing necklace that we call choker looks good with pretty much everything.You can match it with masculine pants and jacket or a romantic lady gown.

Horn choker janine

Horn choker  and how to wear  for women with short neck

Another good tip, try to use it by layering it with another longer necklace. Layer your choker with a long, beaded necklace for the à la bohemian vibe or pair it with a flower crown on your head. Otherwise, pair it with your blue jeans or even a  basic denim jacket and t-shirt can upgrade your looks into the next level.Team it with a girlie flowery dress can strengthen your feminine looks and pair it ribbon necklace around your neck.

Like hemlines, necklace lengths go up and down so the choker is the natural evolution after the long pendant of a few years ago, followed by the trend for layering minimal, smaller chains and short pendants added Sophie Quy, Net-a-Porter.com’s fine jewelry buyer.

Quy also explained that “For a customer who doesn’t want to do 90s top to toe, adding a simple choker to a look goes a long way to creating the right aesthetic. We predict chokers to become even more prolific.Better get slathering that night cream tight down to one’s clavicle then”.

Horn choker kimberly

Horn choker  from exclusive designers, Chanel and Lanvin

Perhaps the most non-exclusive piece of jewelry ever made we’ve witnessed is black chokers pop on red carpets and decorating long necks like a firm punctuation mark. Chanel and Lanvin, two of French famous designers featured this choker style as part of their last year spring summer catwalk collections.This choker comes with a beautifully beaded camellia.

Nowadays, horn Choker aren’t solely for gothic night owls. The British model Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s daytime adoption of an almost scarf-like choker to update her casual uniform of skinny jeans.

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