Enhancing your charm through beautifully handmade, crafted and fine bull horn jewelry should be effortless. Besides, who could say no to these effortlessly styled jewels that will make you more beautiful? It also great because eco means up cycling raw materials and bring out your earth loving side knowing that the production will not harm the earth.Imagine wearing some thing that can help the planet and look stylish at the same time.It’s priceless.

bull horn jewelry blue

Bull horn jewelry  and what it really means to us

-Using the jewelry that doesn’t harm the world despite living in a consumer driven world.

-Buying beautifully styled and authentically you

-Environmentally conscious jewelry can support its sustainability and

-Using their pieces is a statement as to how you want to see the world.

bull horn jewelry

Bull horn jewelry and how to match  with your metal pieces

Are you a yellow gold person, pink gold person or a sterling silver person? It’s  all depends on the color of your skin.

Confused what color suit you best? before you buy whether gold, pink gold, natural or silver metals that will look more stunning on you, first you need to figure what is actually your real skin tone. The easiest ways to do this is to take a look at your veins near your wrists.

Look your vein under bright lighting. if your veins have a bluish tint, you can be considered cool toned. Those with kind of tones are generally fair skinned people who tend to burn under the sun instead of tan. Their skins color tends to change to light pink color instead of to darker brown color. The veins look greenish normally can get a bronze glow color when exposed to the sun for a longer time.

Cool and warm skin tones to match your bull horn jewelry

If you have cool skin tone, the white and silvery metals look more stunning on you. The blue and green gemstone will match nicely with you. Platinum, sterling silver,  white gold, pure silver, stainless steel, and titanium are your soulmates. You can match these with jade, turquoise, ruby and aquamarine gemstones. A white pearl like what Audrey Hepburn wore at the breakfast at  Tiffany could simply adorable for your cool skin tones.

If you have warmer tones will suit warmer colors for example oranges,  golds, reds, pinks, and yellows. Copper, brass and yellow gold is your ally. Pink gold could also be another good option. Garnet, carnelian, citrine can be your ally on the gemstones colors.

If you decide to mix all those metals it should be no problem, make sure that doesn’t go overboard with your choices. There are no fix rules when it comes to the jewelry, wear what you think you love best to match with your bull horn jewelry. Bear in mind your personal taste in fashion is what matter the most.

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