The jewelry itself it’s hugely diverse, from rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklet just to name a few. Each of this can be combined with horn such as gold, gemstones, shells, diamonds, leather and more.

Horn bead necklace can make our head spinning because the design is so diverse. In addition, jewelry making with horn beads is addictive and timeless design.There are many types of beadwork style. We will explain only the most common types of beadwork.

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The common way of making horn bead  necklace

Bead Stringing

This is the most simple form of beadwork, but that doesn’t mean it is the easiest. It involves adding beads to any type of thread, elastic, leather, cord and beading wire. The result can be a single strand, braided or multiple strands. The beads could be separated with pearl or other knots. Stringing beads can be on elastic cord and beading wire.

Loom Beading

We need a  tools like bead loom as a device to weave beads into cloth beaded fabric. It used to create flat beadwork or bigger size beaded panels. It will be aligned in columns and rows. This way is faster than off loom beading.

Off Loom Beadweaving

This beading needs a thread and needle and more beading stitches to create an intricate chain.  This bead weaving is using small beads called seed beads.  The size is from really small into large and shape includes round, oval and cubes.

Bead Embroidery

This type is sewn all the beads onto fabric or any form of backing. It is most common beadwork using by Native Americans.

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Why horn bead necklace is the best option

Green material

We need to give back something to our planet. The design is inspired from nature around us and made from the eco-friendly material. As we all know, the horn is from by product, which is a left over material from the food industry. No harmful mercury or plastic or any other kind materials used. It is totally from nature.


It is 1oo % handmade for all the process from the start until the end. It takes time, energy and effort to design, carving, polishing and put all these beautiful jewelry and bring them to existence. Not to mention that all of that is made with love as well.

Stunning beauty

Even though all the design don’t have any diamond or gold plated, but each one is carved with the most care. It is all polished with passion and making them look stunning.  The final beauty comes in when you wear this stunning natural beauty.

We only use natural materials to make this beautiful piece of jewelry and by training and employing disadvantaged people. This eco-friendly horn bead necklace jewelry is indeed displaying responsibility towards the planet.

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