Does anyone wonder what is actually Italian horn pendant necklace meaning? It comes from the Italian word of cornetto or cornicello. The meaning is little horn or hornet, it is often abbreviated to corno. Italian words for amulet or talisman is worn to protect them against the maloccchio.

Malocchio is referred to as the Italian horn. Cornicello is usually made of silver or gold or carved out of red coral. The shape this amulet try to resemble more of the twisted horn of an African eland. Nowadays, the style has become more stylish and look less like an animal horn that they once did. This kind of cornicello it is easy to find not only in Italy but in any Italian jewelry around the world.

This devil eye is believed to harm the nursing mother and their new born babies and the sperm of men which is the forces of generation. Until now, the cornetto is still a popular amulet worn by Italian men to protect their genitalia from the evil eye.

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The function of Italian horn pendant necklace

Since the ancient time, the cornicello is being used in Italy. Based on what some historians said, the amulet represents a pagan moon Goddess. This Goddess was worshipped in Europe including in Italy during the ancient period. That was the reason why the horn has the shape of the crescent moon.

According to the proponents of Occultism, the symbol was the creation of Druid priests of Ireland and Scotland.

Many people wear this amulet of good luck or cornicello. They used it to protect against the curse of the evil eye. The shape used to be the resembled of animal’s horn to represent strength, fertility, and virility.

Nowadays, this Italian horn was famous as the Devil’s horn. It was believed that no danger could ever harm the one who is wearing it.

Married couples or in a relationship was also believed that this malochio could have a good effect on their relationship. No wonder people wearing the cornicelle to maintain happiness and serenity in marriage.

This amulet not only wards off bad omens, but it also makes a nice fashion statement. From the classic sterling silver to the adorable gold one, you will easily find that this is a perfect gift for anyone.

This gift can be in forms of key chains, brooch, necklace, bracelet, and earrings. You can even use it as decoration at the window or hung that on the back mirror.

The popular area for this amulet is in the region of Lazio, Abruzzo, Basilicata, Friuli –Venezia, Marche, Campania and outside of Italy where a lot of Italian immigrants reside.

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What is related to the Italian horn pendant necklace?

The related to the Italian horn pendant necklace is horned hand or mano cornuta. Mano means hand and corno mean horn.This is an amulet imitative of the gesture or a hand gesture. It indicates that a man wears the horns and also that it protects them from the evil eye.

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