Stella McCartney is a British designer who pioneered the bag made from materials other than animal skin such as vegan leather bag. All designs include shoes, jackets, sandals and bags made from vegan material.


McCartney created a trend and other fashion brands are starting to follow to create bags with the vegan concept. But there are many brands that only follow the trend so the style is boring and doesn’t follow the trend.


Doshi Vegan Leather Bags

There are some designers who have followed in McCartney footsteps, one of which is a vegetarian from Southern California, Paras Doshi. She was determined to change the public’s perspective on vegan fashion. After conducting trial and error in designing and manufacturing, she succeeded in presenting a collection of vegan bags that were not only cruelty-free and environmentally friendly as well as trendy and elegant designs.


“We strive to be an ethical, eco-friendly, fashion house that can provide stylish fashion products. We deliberately designed our fashion products, especially bags, as practically as possible so that the products we provide can be used continuously,” Doshi’s brand wrote on their official website.


Doshi presents a diverse collection of bags and can be enjoyed by all, both men and women. Various types of bags ranging from luxury office bags to party bags are offered and have been approved by PETA.


Doshi succeeded in presenting a simple and elegant vegan bag collection and still carrying out environmental care. Based on the desire to present a simple and elegant vegan bag, Doshi chose natural colors which were dominated by dark and neutral colors such as black, gray, dark brown, navy blue, or cream color. In addition, the appearance of the bag is also made as simple as possible so that an elegant touch remains visible in every design.


Besides bags, Doshi presents various other collections such as belts and wallets. Besides offering elegant vegan collections, they also invite fashion lovers to be more concerned about the cases of animal violence. One proof of their concern for this is to donate a portion of the proceeds to sales to several animal protection foundations in America.


Alexandra K Vegan Leather Bag

Beside Doshi brand, another vegan bag is Alexandra K which was recently was in a news because Princess Markle got this bag as a gift from PETA. PETA hopes that the prize will encourage the royal family and fans of Meghan increasingly like eco-friendly brands such as Alexandra K. In addition, it is expected to reduce the use of animal skin in the fashion world.


This is not the first time PETA has given gift to members of the royal family. They had previously given a gift to Prince William’s wife, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton in the form of a wool coat made of vegan material and sent shoes from synthetic leather material to Prime Minister Theresa May.


These beautiful bags look elegant and are decorated with mini gold colored badges and are handmade and made in Europe. The eco-friendly bag is free of animal skin so is an option if you want to wear a free cruelty bag like a vegan leather bag from Stella McCartney.


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