Italian horn jewelry is part of the cultural and decorations. In the past and even among some communities like Italian communities today, Italian horn jewelry were used to mark certain stages in a person’s life and also for decorations. The ones used for decoration are different from the ones that are used for marking certain stages of a woman’s life in the community. Especially this Italian horn jewelry style is different when a girl turns into a woman.

Let’s discuss  Italian style icons through the years from Anna Dello Russo to Candella Novembre. They are among some of the most photographed beacons of Italian style today, but the country has a history of producing chic tastemakers.  Maybe it has something to do with Italy’s decadent history of supporting art and luxury fashion. Besides that, Ferragamo, Gucci, and Fendi were all founded before the 1930s. They have managed to still remain as top influencers in the design world.

Italian horn jewelry Candela Novembre

Italian horn jewelry and what makes it so special

On the streets of  Rome and Milan, the women who walk by in furs, gorgeous leathers and detailed beautiful Italian horn jewelry often look like they came straight out of a fashion magazine.

In a big city in America like in New York, young Italian women who work in design and art is taking over the street style scene with their unique looks, ranging from extravagant sunnies to vintage picks from around the world.Amazing!

The Italy’s famous film culture has also shaped the country’s top famous style stars like  Monica Vitti, Monica Belluci and Sophia Loren becoming a top influencer for their looks globally.They are famous not only on a screen but also off screen. Those stunning amazing cat eye of Sophia Loren for example. This look is the look that we still live in today and for sure will be more years to come.

Italian horn jewelry Anna Piaggi

Italian horn jewelry and Italian woman who influence the fashion

Anna Dello Russo

The editor and creative consultant for Vogue Japan were born in Bari and now she lives in Milan, Italy. She is possibly one of the most photographed women of Fashion Month. Her the best outfits often worn from runway collections that aren’t available to the public yet. She has a no rules approach to style and has sported everything from ball gowns during the day to three handbags at once and guess what, it’s all looks adorably stunning on her.

Anna Piaggi:

an Italian fashion writer was known to have a wardrobe with the best fashion museums in the world. On top of that, all the collections are spanned more than 200 years’ worth of time. Even into her late 70s, she wore unique hats, colored furs, and amazing patterned capes. She is a big fan of  Manolo Blahnik shoes and she always has a  look with bold makeup and bright colored throughout her hair.

Candela Novembre: 

Even though she was born in Argentina she made Milan her home since at the age of 17. She arrived with her twin sister and began modeling for Italian Vogue. Today, she is an influencer with her massive Instagram following.Her style-savvy snaps on the streets during Fashion Week prove that she’s a fashion icon in the making with a bold approach to style. She’s known to mix high-end labels like Celine, Chloe, and Chanel with vintage items from around the world. In addition, she is a close friend of Chiara Ferragni.

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