There are so many reasons why Hermes Birkin bag is the most iconic and sought-after bag.

*Birkin is not a bag, it’s something in its own category.

In the serial of Sex and the City on the Season 4, Episode 11 titled “coulda, woulda, shoulda”, Samantha, the sexy character of the show is at a Hermès boutique and asks to see a Birkin bag. As the sales clerk hands over the red Birkin, he tells her the price and there are  5 years waiting list because it’s not a bag, it’s a Birkin.

*A good investment

The bigger the bag, the bigger the price tag, add to it the exclusivity of the material and you have the perfect tri combination: material,  size, and increasing price. The fact is between gold, the S&P 500, and Birkins, Birkin is the better investment earning an average annual value increase of 14.2 percent without ever dipping.

Birkin also has an excellent resale value. Himalaya Niloticus crocodile diamond Birkin 30 was sold at auction for $377,000 and make it as most expensive Birkin in the world. This bag features 18-karat white gold and diamond hardware on it.

*Exclusive delivery

The hermes Birkin bag did not get shipped to the intended owner by the courier company, but delivered via the main cabin of an airplane, in essence, the intended owner paying a full passenger flight cost for its delivery.

hermes birkin bag silver

Hermes Birkin bag is the ultimate status symbol

*More demand than the supply

The exclusivity of the Birkin is driven by the fact that there is more demand than supply, something which people assume Hermès propagates and cultivates. At the boutique, upon requesting a Birkin to purchase, you will likely be told that there is a 2-year waiting list.

This is not a rule but to be moved closer to the top of the waitlist, you can do so by making non-purse purchases, such as shoes,  wallets, scarves, etc to show that you are a serious and wealthy fan. Be a smart buyer, make sure you are buying from the legitimate Hermes boutique.If it’s from the third party, you can have the bag authenticated to make sure you are putting your money in an authentic Hermès item and not a fake one. Unlike other designer bags where preloved indicates a big discount in price, the Hermès Birkin is known to retain its value or impact the price rising up.

hermes birkin bag blue

Fun facts about Hermes Birkin bag

Birkins bags can be made by artisans for personal use but only limited to once a year.

Kelly vs Birkin is nearly the same. The distinguishing characteristic is that the Birkin has two handles and Kelly has one.

Each buyer can only buy maximum two Hermès bags a year.

It takes 48 hours to make a Birkin bag

There are around 200,000 Birkins in circulation.

An empty Birkin bag can weigh up to 1 kilogram.

Birkins are named according to size, color, and texture, for example, Hermés 25 Birkin Bag Togo refers to a Hermes Birkin bag with a length of 25 centimeters and crafted in grainy to go leather.

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