Hermès, Hermès International S.A or Hermes of Paris is a French high-end fashion luxury goods manufacturer since 1837. Horn necklace Hermes is one of their best seller jewelry with the timeless design. Besides jewelry, Hermès also specializes in lifestyle accessories, home furnishing, leather, perfumery, ready to wear and watches. Duc carriage with a horse is a logo since 1950.

horn necklace hermes

The history of the founder of horn necklace Hermes

Thiery Hermès was born in Krefeld, Germany in 1801. His father is French and mother is German. Their family moved to France when he was 27 years old. When he is 36 years old, he started a harness workshop. He created very high quality wrought harness and bridles for the carriage trade.In 1855 and 1867 he won first prize at the Expositions Universelles in Paris.

Charles-Émile Hermès, the son of Thiery, finally took over the management. In 1880, the shop moved to 24 rue du faubourg Saint-Honoré where it remains up to now. They started to introduced the saddlery with the help of his children, Émile-Maurice and  Adolphe.  On that time the family starts to sell in retail. The elite of Europe, Russia, Asia, North Africa and the Americans it’s become their customers.

In 1900, the company started to offer the bag specially designed for riders to carry their saddles with them. In 1994, at least 80 saddle craftsmen were employed. That’s when the retirement of the father and took over by his sons, Adolphe and Émile-Maurice. They become the first to introduce the zipper for leather goods and clothing in France.

The first leather golf jacket with a zipper was introduced by Hermès. That jacket was specially made for Edward, the Prince of Wales from the United Kingdom. Due to their exclusive rights, the zipper technology became known as the Hermès fastener fermeture Hermès.

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When do they start making horn necklace Hermes?

in 1920, Émile-Maurice added an accessory and a clothing collection. In 1922, after Émile-Maurice’s wife complained about how hard to find one that she likes. He started to create a handbag collection himself.

In 1924, Hermès already established their presence in the American market. 5 years later, the first women’s couture apparel collection was launched in Paris. Mid 30’s, Hermès started to launched the leather Sac à dépêches or known as Kelly bag after Grace Kelly.

The scarves or Hermès carrés was introduced in 1937 and become integrated into French culture. One year later, the company designers began to get the inspiration from books, painting, and objets d’art. The Chaîne d’ancre bracelet, the riding jacket, and outfit joined their stunning collection.

Today, one of the brands that have caught everyone’s attention is Hermès, selling some of the most expensive accessories in the world. When we look at their price tags, the first thing we are likely to ask is why is Hermès so expensive? The brand is the status of a symbol, it signifies the wealth and affluence.

The craftsmen do everything by hand from the cutting material until the polishing. The fact that each of the horn necklace Hermes is handmade means that they are not just necklace to wear.This is the necklace of art.







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