Eco-friendly jeans are one of the new types of jeans that is quite different in processing. Jeans are one of the clothing materials favored by many people not only by men but also women. Jeans are identical to the casual style and are easily matched with many clothing models and all types of colors.


Not only that, but jeans are also durable because the material is strong and suitable for daily activities. Jeans are one of the timeless clothing models and will always get a special place in the heart of their fans.


But behind the high popularity and timeless model, the process of making jeans is found in an unethical manner and does not pay attention to the continuity of the earth. The process of coloring jeans can pollute water and pollution in the air.


Keep in mind, blue dyes in jeans contain harmful substances such as mercury and other dangerous substances. In addition, the workers in the jeans factory can get lung cancer poisoned due to exposure to these harmful substances.


But not all jeans factory use unethical ways in its manufacture, there are many jeans brands that care and making environmentally friendly collections also care about their workers’ health.


Here Is Some Brand of Eco Friendly Jeans

  1. Patagonia

Patagonia is well-known for its concern for the environment, they not only carry out many social missions and even connect between environmentalists and social institutions in the surrounding area that interest in the same area, for example, if you love ocean, you will be connected with a foundation that concern for the cleanliness of the ocean in the area.


Patagonia said that the product was designed to reduce the negative impact caused by the jeans industry. These eco-friendly jeans use 100 percent organic cotton. Not only that, the sewing process already has a Fair Trade certificate and the coloring used are categorized as environmentally friendly.


Patagonia mentioned that they use dyes that are easier to mix with cotton so the coloring, rinsing and washing processes of the garment will have an impact on 84 percent saving water and 30 percent saving energy compared to traditional methods.


“Denim is a clean and hygienic business so we changed the way we made jeans. We wanted to find an alternative solution to using the Indigo coloring method to create denim,” said Helena Barbour, director of Patagonia.


“We hope other manufacturers will follow the steps we have taken so that they can help change the denim industry,” Barbour added. This new Patagonia product line comes in three types of pants for men, namely regular fit, straight fit made from 100 percent cotton and a straight fit with a mixture of cotton and stretch. In addition, three types of pants for women, namely straight fit, slim fit, and cropped with a mixture of cotton and stretch.


Other Eco Friendly Jeans

  1. Kings of Indigo

This Dutch fashion brand made jeans from a unique material, namely from the pulp of eucalyptus trees. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, Kings of Indigo made a collection of jeans manually or man-made. In addition, they also produce jeans made from old jeans and also organic cotton. The product packaging is also done with packaging made from recycled material and biodegradable.


3. Reformation

Jeans made from environmentally friendly materials are created specifically for women. The material is made from the remaining pieces of cloth or used clothing with the aim of reducing existing waste by utilizing waste jeans that accumulate around their local environment.


In the packaging, Reformation uses 100 percent derived from recycled materials and uses nontoxic natural glue so it is safe not only for buyers also to workers who make these eco-friendly jeans.


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