-Beach Gypsy style

This kind of style has bohemian in nature and it is inspired by beach moods. It has colorful and vibrant colors that feature all the rainbow color that we can see on the beach. The materials that use has a handcrafted touch on it.


-Futuristic style

It is becoming increasingly popular for designers to design the future theme. Many of these designs are highly fashion-forward, taking the runway by storm, but this trend can easily be integrated into your day to day wardrobe.

All the clothes, accessories and footwear have liquid finishes and mostly and characterized as being ultra light, breathable, thermoregulating and protective.  The companies producing these are sourcing their materials in an eco-friendly manner, which makes this style is an eco-fashion.


-Psychotropic style

This trend falls has full of bright colors and has distinct tropical prints and patterns achieved by digital engineering. It borrows its cues from natural beauty, such as tropical theme and sunsets.


The trend in 2018, we will be seeing consumers more care of the highest quality and have the potential to be used and reused many times. The demand for eco fashion is slowly changing the nature of fashion. Consumers are concentrating more on beautiful products which are not made in a manner that is harmful to this planet and also to the people whose wearing and making it as well.


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