Crescent horn pendant is a trend that is expected to dominate all year long. Whether you are a fan of gypsy or hipster looks, this crescent style is a must to match your boho looks. Curious on how to embrace this never ending boho style with your chic crescent horn pendant?

The boho style or bohemian style was originating from modern gypsies. It is casual and exotic fashion style. It’s characterized by chunky jewelry, floppy hats and abstract pattern of clothes. This boho style also stands for a lot of things that we all want in this life which is adventures, creativity, and nomadic style.

It is easy to go overboard with boho style especially if you are petite and you are trying to adopting this boho chic look. So don’t go overboard otherwise you will be invisible and overwhelmed in your clothing. Keeping your body shape and figure in mind as in any style include the boho chic style.

A good thing about boho chic style is that there is no dilemma of matching your accessories. You can mix and match and layer to your desire and can still look good on you. Fashions can come and go but boho chic style remains true in the minds of its fans.

cresent horn pendant black

Another element besides crescent horn pendant

The elements for qualified as boho chic beside crescent horn pendant as below:

Natural materials

Choose the knitted or woven fabric over the synthetic fabric. Velvet, silk, cotton, linen, suede, leather are chosen the natural fabric. Another finished product, for example, is hand crochet cardigan or dress.  Natural horn and wooden beads are preferred over plastic beads.  Canvas and leather bags over Synthetic and vinyl bags.

Layered necklaces

Start collecting a variety of different necklace and after a while, you will notice a trend among the necklaces. You will be able to put them together in a chic and unique way. Besides that, you can also create a layered look by wearing a loose cardigan over your top or oversized shawl wrap around your clothes.

Oversized accessories

Oversized clothes and  aviator sunglasses are very much a part of the boho chic look

Wide brimmed hats or interesting head pieces

Distressed denim

A cut off shorts or flared Denim jeans which are made to look rugged and worn is big in boho chic style.

cresent horn pendant moon

Additional accessories to matches the crescent horn pendant

Casual shoes

Wear clog shoes, roman sandals or beaded sandals are the preferred boho chic types of shoes. Cowboy and ankle boots are also another options.

Loose flowy style

Breezy dresses and blouses are very casual and appealing, especially when paired with matching distressed denim. Sarong beach wraps, cotton kaftans, and flowing loose lace also matches with this style.

Printed fabric

Flowery prints, tie dye, ikat and batik prints are all very hypes in boho chic clothing. Nature and tribal prints are also another options.

Flower embroidery

A flower embroidered bag is a must have in a boho chic wardrobe

Earthy natural colors

All the natural colors like brown, earthy red, white, dark green and beige are usually given preference over the bright colors for clothes and accessories. Therefore, crescent horn pendant is oen of the best option for boho chic looks.


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