If you are a big fan of surfing or snowboarding, the chances are you need either the mountain or the ocean to get your sideways sliding fix, is it correct?

We want the snow to last, the fish to be happy and we don’t want to be having a negative impact on our playgrounds when we paddle out or hit the slopes. That’s our dream as people who care about the environment.

Luckily, a few forward-thinking brands have this in mind when creating their board sports products.

We’ve put together a few  list of  eco-friendly action sports bits you need to have in your kit bag

Badger Sunscreen

We spend most days in the line-up or on chairlifts. Did you know UV rays are amplified by the reflection of the snow and water? Even more reason to be slapping on the sunscreen.

When your sunscreen washes off the chemicals do too. Sunscreen containing oxybenzone has toxic effects on young coral including increasing coral bleaching. Don’t stop wearing sunscreen, just buy carefully.

Look out for ‘reef safe’ options or ones with titanium oxide or zinc oxide which don’t harm coral reefs or opt for wearing a good rash vest.



Smith Snowboarding Goggles

All plastics used to make our essential snowboarding helmets, goggles, boots, back protectors and wrist guards are all made from harmful fossil fuels.

However, Smith now makes goggles with 44 percent renewable bio-based plastics, cutting carbon usage down by a massive 40 percent.

The company’s Phenom model is made of recycled, reground urethane from medical waste. They have also started making sunnies made from castor bean oil and recycled fabric helmet liners to boot.



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