Buffalo horn necklace is an eco-friendly Jewelry and it has an impact to reduce the pollution on this earth. Every effort, big or small counts when it comes to improving the environment. The Buffalo horn necklace design try to strengthen between a human being and our home, earth. We are seeing damage to nature, rain forests, coral reefs and all the resources of mother earth. Water, air, earth, oceans, trees are all in danger and the human needs to be awakening

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Buffalo horn necklace is part of eco jewelry and tips to pick eco jewelry

-Try to stay away from harmful materials since extracting precious metals and gems can greatly disrupt the environment as well as the host communities.

.-Beware of non Buffalo horn necklace jewelry with high levels of cadmium most notably comes from India and China

– Find the recycled content and consider that contains recycled or reused materials. The reason is that this jewelry tends to lessen water, energy and waste effects and protect valuable natural resources.

– Find out responsible sourcing if you need to buy a new piece of jewelry.  Find gems that come from countries with strict regulations such as Canada and Australia. Try to avoid stones that contribute to human rights abuses and violence especially diamond.

– Talk with your sellers about environmentally responsible products. Like with other products, for jewelry sellers, the more the consumer get an explanation and knows about sourcing and materials, the more likely the nature of the industry will improve.

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Become an eco consciousness not only when buying your buffalo horn necklace

Some easy steps to becoming a more eco-friendly online shopper.

– Always ask for the eco-friendly packaging option. Getting eco-friendly packaging mostly available in every store, even though it cost a few extra dollars, it is nice to know you’re making a small difference to the earth.

– Don’t use the car, use a bicycle or walk to the store. If you need to go to the store especially just for a few small items try to avoid using the car.

-Don’t ask for the next or same-day delivery. Although this method might seem more efficient, it makes it harder for delivery firms to combine shipments to the same neighborhoods due to limited time. Remember, more deliveries means more emissions.

– Don’t be impulsive buyers. Try to ask yourself this question every time you want to click “add to cart”  Do I really need this? And if I do, can I postponed it until next week. If you post phoned it, there is a chance you will change your minds and not buy it.

Bulk buy all items at once. If you have to make a trip to the shops, try to limit the number of times you go. Try to buy in bulk when you do to avoid regular trips. Remember, using your own car to buy in bulk beats making a smaller purchase online.

If the fashion industry and customers tackle the problem from both sides, sustainable shopping might just become standard operating procedure. No matter in what way, either you’re clicking on a screen to buy buffalo horn necklace or getting behind your wheel.


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