Italian horn necklace gold is an amulet of good luck used for protection against the evil eye curse.Most Italian like to wear it. Italy is famous with their fashion trend, that is why we will discuss more italian fashion style beside the passion for cornicello.

A lot of people are thinking about Sophia Loren when talking about Italian fashion. You can steal Sophia Loren’s look and dress like an Italian woman. Here are some fashion tips and suggestions that will make you look and feel impossibly chic.

Italian woman like to dress up, even when they’re just heading to the grocery store.Their ability to walk along the cobblestone streets in the highest of heels is quite impressive. To get the Italian woman look, you’ll have to invest in: a  stylish pair of stilettos, a dress with the just right amount of va-va-voo a la Sophia Loren, and a smart handbag. But you’ll feel as sexy and stylish as Sophia Loren.

Italian horn necklace gold

Italian horn necklace gold to match your Italian looks

Start  from the inside out

Italian women think that what you wear under your stunning clothes is as important to feeling sexy as what’s your wear on the outside. La Perla is the A-list choice for stylish fashionistas with quite a high price.Another brand,  Intimissimi is Italy’s twins of  Victoria’s Secret. It is affordable, on trend, and provocative. Silk slips and lace bras are among the delicate offerings.

Put more accents on your curves.

Are you proud of your cleavage? Show it and how about great long legs? Show them off. The key is to emphasize the parts of your body you’re most proud of and comfortable with. Dolce & Gabbana is a brand that really emphasizes on it.

Don’t be afraid of stilettos

Even on the bumpiest roads, all the  Italian women can pull off a stiletto with elegant way. To get the look, try brands like Giuseppe Zanotti, Prada and Sergio Rossi.

Invest in nice soft cashmere.

Italian women like to wear soft warm sweaters when nights get freezing. Malo, Loro Piana, and Brunello Cucinelli are just a few of the brands that produce stunning cashmere.

Put a nice hat on it.

Long before the Fedora hypes took off in the rest of the world, Italians knew that the right hat provides the crowning touch to any of their stunning outfits. You can’t go wrong with a cap from Borsalino, they are creating chic hats for both sexes since 1857.

Italian horn necklace gold 2

Italian horn necklace gold and a statement accessories to match it

Pick a classic handbag.

Italian leather craftsmanship is the gold standard when it comes to signature handbags.Italian women always have a classic statement leather bag on their arm, from brands like Bottega Veneta, Furla, and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Sunglasses are the best partner of all the time

The final touch on any Italian woman’s outfit is a classic pair of sunglasses. Ray-Ban aviators have become the rage for the millennial, but for a more classic look, Miu Miu, Emporio Armani, and Fendi will never fail you.

Now you are ready to go with your Italian looks and pairing it with Italian horn necklace gold. Stunning!

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