Tips to eco style your fashion to those of you who may experience confusion when starting an eco-friendly action with outfit being used. For those who have already chosen their eco-friendly styling options, this tips may be an additional reference.


The style of eco-friendly dressing is also called sustainable or eco-friendly fashion. The mode is an ongoing design chain concept that is designed and produced with environmental considerations and what is the social impact.


Fashion is a big issue because it has a lot of impact on industrial culture. Nonethical way often occurs in this industry, the availability of water, oil, and its impact on the environment are also related. Therefore sustainable and ethical fashion is needed.


To avoid any negative impacts of the fashion industry, now the industry players are asked to be more responsible for the production. They are asked to apply sustainable and ethical fashion so that the sustainability of the fashion business itself and the condition of planet earth is maintained.


Although today there are many fashion brands that eco fashion, some people may not be too familiar with the fashion clothes. For that, here we summarize some tips on choosing an environmentally friendly clothing style that suits your needs.


  1. What is your eco or ethical priority?

Start with this question first. Think for a moment what is your priority in determining eco-friendly clothing. Some factors that can be considered for example ethical manufacturing. Points that can be seen is the purpose of sales, labor, and health of the work environment.


The second factor is environmental awareness. The priority of this factor is to pay attention to the material used by a product whether it is sustainable or not, the waste treatment, the coloring method is dangerous or not, and whether it is using energy efficient.


Next is the localization of the product. Some people may prefer local produce and make it an eco-friendly style choice. Some characteristics of this product is a small business, the material comes from the local area and handmade product by a local artisan.


For a vegan or non-violent person, the most important thing in choosing environmentally friendly clothing is not animal products, does not contain animal skins, does not use animals as experimental objects (usually on cosmetics).


  1. Choose the most important attribute of clothing

The second tips are to know the characteristics of clothes that are comfortable for you. No matter how good the clothes is if you are not comfortable using it and will be a waste of time. It needs a good quality, size, comfort, function, price, style, materials, color, and durability of clothing to be purchased.


  1. Determine the type of clothing to be purchased

When choosing an eco-friendly dress style, you should buy the appropriate type of clothing. No need to be too specific, just determine the type of clothing only, whether the nightgown, dress, jacket, and so forth. Focus on what is really needed. Once you know it, then you are ready to shop and it will depend on where you live, what you are looking for, your budget, time, and how to shop (online or offline).


So that is some tips that can be referenced in choosing an environmentally friendly dress style. By using eco-friendly fashion, one can not only look stylish but also can change lifestyles to be healthier and contribute to preserving the environment. Hopefully the tips to eco style your fashion can benefit you.


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