Many Indonesian celebrities often practice yoga by calling yoga teachers directly to their house. The reason why is because yoga became one of the sports that form an ideal body.

In addition to health affairs, yoga is believed to be one way to meditate. In fact, many people do yoga to reduce stress levels psychologically. Lately, yoga is becoming a trend but still dominated by women. It’s rare for men to do this.

There are lots of yoga instructors with a sexy body but do not think they’re all women. In fact, there are many male yoga instructors and they are no less sexy compared to female yoga instructors. In fact, not only they have a bending body, they also become women’s dream.

This time we will discuss 10 things that cause male yoga instructors look very sexy and sometimes even make you not concentrate.

  1. Not just teaching yoga, yoga instructor men prove that yoga can be done by anyone.
  2. In addition to talking about yoga, usually male yoga instructors are also talking about life, love, and human boundaries.
  3. Most male yoga instructors have the patience to teach yoga in a good and right way.
  4. Because the students are mostly female, male yoga instructors usually create Budokon training programs, combined yoga, martial arts and meditation. The intention is that women can protect themselves from evil.
  5. Friendly and always positive thinking.
  6. Always give spirit and motivation.
  7. The combination of a handsome face, a beautiful smile, and having an athletic body become a very powerful attraction.
  8. Almost all yoga instructors keep their body shape with a healthy diet, and some male yoga instructors are vegetarian.
  9. In addition to yoga, male yoga instructors usually have many skills such as martial arts, rock climbing, and surfing and fitness sports.
  10. Male yoga instructors are also very fond of traveling, so no wonder the photos uploaded on their social media is in a beautiful location and they look even cooler in the photo.


For all the ladies, you will be more interested and eager to learn yoga after knowing these things. Let’s live healthy by keeping the diet and do not forget to be accompanied by doing yoga from now on.Inhale, exhale.Please give this world a good energy.


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