Here is the cleanest city in China in terms of air quality compared to other cities in China. If you are looking for a place with cleaner air, stunning Chinese culture and beautiful landscapes, the five cities with high-quality air in China are as follows:


1) Sanya

Sanya is the city with the best air quality in China. The PM2.5 measurement was around 20 (μg / m³ particulate matter <2.5μm). Measurements below 50 indicate excellent air quality, and those below 100 indicate air quality that is acceptable for humans to breathe.


Sanya is a city located in southern China. From its strategic position, Sanya residents can enjoy more than 300 sunny days a year.


The average temperature is 24.5 ° C annually. Comfortable warm weather and high-quality air that is rich in negative oxygen ions are good for health. The life expectancy of people in Sanya is up to 80 years old, and the average age of residents in Sanya is more than 70 years old.


Sanya City with the most beautiful beach views is on Hainan Island, famous for its oriental Hawaii. The most recommended attraction is enjoying the beautiful blue sea, clean sand, and sunny sunshine in Sanya at Yalong Bay, Dadong Sea, and Sanya Bay.

the cleanest city in china



The cleanest city in China besides Sanya

2) Guilin

Similar to Sanya, Guilin also develops tourism aggressively so that it has a positive influence on air quality in the city. According to records, the highest PM2.5 measurement a year is around 60, and most are under 50, with a few days below 20.


Guilin is famous for its beautiful rural scenery and clean rivers and typical mountains. Tourists can enjoy cruises or bamboo rafts to enjoy a relaxing trip, climbing mountains around the majestic Longji Rice Terrace, and cycling along village roads is certainly very good for health, especially in the rural atmosphere and clean air.

the cleanest city in china



3) Kunming

Most of Yunnan Province enjoys high-quality air conditions, including its capital and the most developed city, Kunming. Measurement of Kunming PM2.5 from Kunming is always around 50 or lower.


Kunming is known as a city with spring shades, the moderate temperatures almost every day and many colorful flowers that bloom throughout the year. Instagram-able places are in Batu Fores and Yuanyang Rice Terrace.


Other popular destinations in Yunnan Province such as Shangri-La and Lijiang have PM2.5 records because they have never experienced air pollution.

the cleanest city in china



Lhasa, Tibet is one of the cleanest city in China

4) Lhasa, Tibet

There is no doubt that Tibet also has high-quality air conditions, including the capital and the most developed city – Lhasa. Lhasa PM 2.5 is always around 50 or lower.


Tibet has blue skies and clear lakes. Nyingchi is respected as a very beautiful land in the highlands. If you want to enjoy fresh air in the highlands, Lhasa is one of the right destinations, plus clean air, it is very difficult to refuse to travel there.

the cleanest city in china



5) Xiamen

Xiamen is a symbol of a modern city with a developed economy, a harmonious social environment, pleasant urban environment, and of course the air remains of high quality. Almost every time the PM2.5 is under 50, and the highest measurement is around 70.

That’s the list of the five cleanest cities in China.

the cleanest city in china



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