Who does not know Prince Charles?  Born with the name of Charles Philip Arthur George (Mountbatten-Windsor) at Buckingham Palace, London, on November 14, 1948.


He was the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip who later became the crown prince of Great Britain. Prince Charles was awarded the title of Prince of Wales and has served since 1952. He was crowned as the longest person who holds the title throughout history.


While serving as a crown prince, Charles is active in state visits as representative of Queen Elizabeth II with approximately four hundred official visits each year. He is also active in humanitarian and social affairs, also a protector and supporter of various charitable and art foundations. Not only that, Charles is also known as a very caring and loving the environment.


Prince Charles has been promoting environmental concerns since the early 1980s. He has begun to develop his interest in organic farming since moving from Gloucestershire to Highgrove. He even issued his own organic brand, Duchy Originals, a brand of organic food sold and the profits donated to The Prince’s Charities.


In 2007, Prince Charles has launched the program The Prince’s May Day Network, a business group committed to fighting the climate change. Even though the suggestion looks so naive by Nigel Farage, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, he stated that people who doubted climate change had played a game at risk with the planet’s future and had a “devastating impact” on people’s opinions.


Not only in the affairs of the state, his love of the environment is also applied in his family, seen from the marriage of his first child with Princess Diana, Prince William who is married to Kate Middleton. The wedding of his eldest son was indeed very eco-friendly.


At weddings, big tall trees look green as a tree decoration that dominates the side altar in the church. The big trees grew and grown inside the Church of Westminster Abbey with great amazement. The existence of these trees cannot be separated from the intention of Prince Charles who organizes an organic tree enlargement program.


In terms of food and beverages available in the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton are also highly regarded. Since Prince Charles is known as an organic garden lover, his dietary standards are different. The food provided is made from organically grown ingredients; even the meat and fish that are used are organic.


It seems Prince Charles realizes that the loving movement of the environment must start from himself and his closest people, such as the family. He also taught to his grandson, Prince George. On an occasion when Prince Charles was in Gardener’s Question Time program on BBC Radio 4 said that his grandson had helped him plant “one or two trees” at Gloucestershire’s home. He also said that he renovated his garden to be more child-friendly. By bringing his grandchildren to gardening, he tried to find out his grandchild’s interest in gardening activities.


According to Prince Charles, people will never know what to do and what will be of interest to him later. For him the most important thing is that he can invite his grandchild to plant one or two trees, so they plant and shovel the land together. The hope, by introducing the activity of planting trees early on his grandchild was able to arouse interest in his grandchild gardening.

Prince Charles’s love for the environment is a good example for us.

We don’t want to go to the dump and have a picnic, we want to go out to a wonderful place and enjoy our day. It is our job is to try to take good responsibility for the environment and expand upon it or enhance it, without destroying it. Let’s start loving the environment from now on.


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