Raja Ampat, this east part of  Indonesia offers lots of lush nature around tons of islands where tourists often come to do island hopping and other nature exploration.


Raja Ampat is located in the province of Papua precisely in the western part of Papua or the eastern part of Indonesia. Indonesia is famous for its natural beauty including Raja Ampat.


In the past, Raja Ampat was inhabited by Islamic kings who came from Tidore. The inhabitants of Raja Ampat are generally live as fishermen. The original inhabitants of Raja Ampat are friendly and very welcome to anyone who comes.


Guests and local residents exchanged stories and mutual jokes together. Most of the locals are Muslims and Christianity, although they have different religions, \ these locals can stay in harmonious and have a high tolerance.


Raja Ampat is famous for its hospitality and many foreign tourists and local tourists who come to Raja Ampat want to see the beauty of a group of islands there.


Raja Ampat is also recognized as the island with the world’s most comprehensive underwater flora and fauna, and most diving sports lovers around the world also recognize that Raja Ampat is the best diving site in the world.


In addition, the foreign and local tourists who visit Raja Ampat can stay at the resorts that carry the concept of eco-friendly.


Misool Eco Resort


Misool Eco Resort is very hidden, when tourist staying here, they will really focus on enjoying nature holiday comfortably because there is no signal and any electronic facilities are available.


This resort is situated above sea level, and there is only a sound of water whispering around. The water is clear and the sand is very white, therefore the flora and fauna on the seabed are very visible without having to use any tools.


This resort also faces directly to the sea without any fences in front of that. The material also uses environmentally friendly materials such as wood or bamboo. The bathroom is also unique with no roof and open air concept.

Misool Resort

Misool Resort


Wai Eco Resort

Another resort,  Wai Eco Resort is as beautiful as  Misool Eco Resort. The shape of the Wai Eco Resort is almost identical to Misool, having a building that consists of environmentally friendly materials such as wood, bamboo, and coral wastes. The air conditioner used is also a natural air conditioner which is a window that can be opened if you want fresh air from the outside. The food provided is also a seafood menu like fish, shrimp, and lobster.

Wai Eco Resort

Wai Eco Resort


Hamu Eco Dive Resort


Hamu Eco Dive Resort is a comfortable place and the buildings consisting of eco-friendly materials such as wood and bamboo. In contrast to Misool, the Inn at HamuEco Dive Resort has the restaurant wifi and can catch signals on certain mobile phone providers, but for electricity is only available at the appointed hours. Other facilities provided such as Barbeque facilities and island tour.


Almost the same as the three resorts above, but  Papua Paradise Eco Resort are the most luxurious place but still carry the concept of eco-friendly. Papua Paradise Eco Resort has buildings consisting of eco-friendly materials such as teak and bamboo, the location of this resort is at the heart of the Raja Ampat archipelago.


Guests who stay here can see directly the original coral that has not been touched by humans. Not only the rooms are romantic with a classic touch, the resort is equipped with a ceiling fan that has a luxurious design and also a reading desk equipped with reading lamps. The bathroom is also equipped with a shower with warm and cold water and a hairdryer.


Implementing eco-friendly concepts is not easy and should be properly maintained, and it can be a good example for other resort in different parts of Indonesia. We can also apply Eco resorts like in Raja Ampat in our house, to make our home an eco-friendly home with the comfortable surrounding.

Hamu Eco Resort

Hamu Eco Resort

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