We can say “May the force be with Po Zu ” because this company designed shoes inspired by the Star Wars movie. Not only they are beautiful designs also ethical because they care about the environment.


This brand has made a name for himself because they managed to get a license to develop various footwear for a large and very popular sci-fi film franchise, Star Wars. Therefore it suitable if we can say that this power is with Po-Zu. They are hiring Safia Minney MBE as the new Managing Director and this is one of the important voices for organizing a real ‘shoe revolution’.


Star Wars, the name of this movie is certainly famous to all of us. Science fiction movies consisting of several sequels and created by George Lucas have loyal fans throughout the world. This movie is known to have unique characters, such as Darth Vader and Stormtrooper with their unique costumes.


Po Zu and Shoes with Star Wars Character

The characters in the Star Wars movie inspired the fashion brand from London, England, Po Zu, to design these shoes. Inspired by the latest sequel to Star Wars which aired at the end of 2016, namely Star Wars: The Force Awakens, they presented shoes that were able to describe each character from the movie.


Shoe designs made from the tomboy Rey character to the Chewbacca character that has full of hair. They also present an iconic collection of boots in the style of the Chewbacca character. In addition, there is also a collection of shoes inspired by the characters of Stromtrooper, Finn, and BB-8.


“This is a golden opportunity for Po Zu to introduce high-quality shoes made ethically to a wider market. Star Wars is an amazing dan timeless brand” said the founder and CEO of Po Zu, Sven Segal, on their official website.


Po Zu Shoes and Ethical Movement

This brand presents a collection of Star Wars-themed shoes not only for women also for men and children. The collection is in the form of boot types also sneakers with a sneaker for fans who want to look more relaxed.


Not only presenting a collection of shoes with a unique design and high quality, but these shoes are also environmentally friendly, ethically and handmade by artists from Portugal. Besides being environmentally friendly, the material is also non-toxic because it uses materials such as coconut fiber, organic cotton, and Pinatex, a textile material made from pineapple leaf fibers.


Not only care about the environment, but this brand also pays attention to animal welfare and human rights and are very committed to the element of ethics. Based on ethical ratings, they currently hold the status of Ethical Accreditation, which means they are subject to an annual independent ethical company audit conducted by the Ethical Company Organization.


While the modern shoe industry faces serious criticism in the areas of environment, human rights, and animal welfare, this shoe company makes a good breakthrough. The fast fashion world has become popular with ethical issues and this brand is the perfect alternative.


Along with their ethical accreditation status, they also certified by the Fair Rubber Association and Positive Luxury. Po Zu put full commitment to protecting the environment and its social impact on the community.


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