Phuket Botanic Garden is a park that has a function as a conservation place to conduct the plant conservation business, and there is breeding of various types of plants in order to form and develop new habitats and the butterfly captivity.


Phuket Botanic Garden is located at Lung Por Chuang Road, Chalong, Phuket. In Chalong, there are several tourists including Wat Chalong and beautiful coastal scenery in Chalong Pier.


In Wat Chalong, you will see the most historic temple in Phuket, the building is very majestic and has its own charm for tourists visiting Phuket. Although this place used as a tourist attraction, tourists who visit must still comply with existing regulations because this place is a holy place for the Buddhist. Another beautiful place in Chalong is Chalong Pier, this place is a pier on the coast. This place becomes a favorite tourist attraction for those who want to do beach sports with enjoying the sea view.


If you already know the beauty of the most historic temple attractions in Phuket as well as the coastal sea scenery, it is time to visit the beautiful garden located in Chalong, Phuket.


This botanical garden can be used as a recreational attraction for the family and is perfect if you bring children because you can introduce nature through various plants from around the world. For the size of the botanical garden is not that big but the place will still make you feel the peace and comfort when relaxing in this place.



The park has several small indoor areas. When entering the park, visitors will feel the breeze and smell fragrant from leaves and flowers. The music will also accompany your journey as you surround the park area.


You will see variants of plants from all over the world. There is also a special area of ​​rice plants and not far from the rice area, there is a fairly wide lake. The cool air from the garden is increasingly felt from this lake. Goldfish and koi fish passing by in the lake to soothe the mind. Lilies and lotus flowers that grow around the lake increasingly add a beautiful and romantic impression. You can enjoy the view over the lake by going around by boat.


In other areas, there is an orchid pavilion with a variety of beautiful orchids with different colors. The orchid thrives in pots and hangs between the trees in the pavilion. Not far from the orchid pavilion, there is a special rainforest area. The trees there are large and tall. Not only that, you will see some typical winter plants and a variety of rare plants. In other areas there is a palm tree area, this tree emits a soothing aromatic fragrance.


The animal that you will encounter not only goldfish or koi fish, but there are also pavilion butterflies. There, you will see various types of butterflies flying in large-sized cages. If your eyes have been spoiled beautifully from various types of plants, and see the beauty of butterflies now is the time you spoil your tongue with fresh fruits that you can pick right away. This fruit area is a favorite spot for most visitors, as you can taste a variety of fruits, from apples, mangoes, mangosteens, bananas, jackfruit, lychees and fruits from Southeast Asia.


Although Phuket is a hot city you will not feel in this park it because of the cool air in this places by trees and plants that thrives. Though known as a hot city, Chalong, Phuket has been trying to make a cool city by building a botanical garden. Phuket Botanic Garden adds to the list of places that you must visit in addition to nature tourism beaches.


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