Lilian von Trapp grew up in Berlin, a city filled with intellectuals and scientists. The 30-year-old woman had previously lived her predetermined life, bringing her to law school to satisfy her family’s expectations. Instead of becoming a lawyer after graduation, Lilian prefers to establish the brand Lilian von Trapp (LVT) and becomes a recycled jewelry designer.


Lilian decides to no longer compromise on her future. She finally followed her heart to the fashion path. After several years of working in the industry, Lilian’s heart calls actually found her inherit on all her mother’s jewelry, including some of her grandmother’s jewelry. Lilian then uses the jewelry as a base for designing her own new jewelry.


A firm stance and every female character are depicted in all of Lilian’s work. The design forms a style that constantly develops mood, character, and aspirations.


Lilian’s works are manufactured in the Portuguese family business. The reason she built this environmentally-friendly jewelry label is that she does not want to work with toxic waste and human chaos, which is the typical impact of conventional gems and precious metal mining. According to Lilian, gold recycling was as good as new gold. They are a limited source, just like diamonds.


Brand Creator is Lilian von Trapp

Lilian Label is still new because just released in late January last year. The results of her work are minimalist German style but still looks cool. Its products are also very focused on quality and sustainability. Lilian jewelry design begins through the process of upcycling gold jewelry and diamond inheritance.


It combines original jewelry materials with minimalist pieces. The result creates a timeless luxury with the consciousness of the heart, a philosophy that builds the foundation of its brand. The designs are formed in clear lines that can be combined or adapted to matching performances for everyday and special occasions.


The material was carefully calibrated by Lilian and her team. All pieces of jewelry are the craftsmanship in Germany under the terms of workers with clear rules. The work of the craftsmen is very unique, beautiful, and ethical.


The greatest achievement of the LVT brand recognized by Lilian is when looking at her products worn by Emma Watson in the Golden Globe event. Lilian had met Emma several months earlier and talked about her brand. Emma is known to be happy to use sustainability products and not long after that, she contacts Lilian through her management to ask if she can borrow some items from Lilian’s main collection for the awards show. This is certainly a tremendous achievement for a brand that is still new.


Jewelry Lilian von Trapp

Lilian did not pick up the jewelry material she made from the mines, all from gold and vintage diamonds. This is what keeps every jewelry sustainable and free of environmental and humanitarian issues related to the mining of precious metals and stones.


All of Lilian’s recycled gold comes from a specialized refinery in Germany that is already certified “chain of custody” by the responsible jewelry board. While used vintage diamonds obtained from old jewelry and rebuilt.


Lilian von Trapp packs its products with handmade bags in Italy, put in every order. The bags are made from organic silk which is recycled and produced in a sustainable manner. Additional packaging such as labels and marker paper, all made of recycled paper or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.


The proceeds from the sale of Lilian jewelry as much as 2% of its revenue are donated to fight long-term social and environmental impacts on affected communities. Lilian Von Trapp supports the Earthbeat Foundation which is an organization that enabling the Third World community to be independent of the exploitation industry and dedicated to providing sustainable use of natural resources.


Every process of LVT jewelry production, from the origin of the material to the management of the sale, is overall very concerned about social and environmental impacts. Inevitably, Lilian considers its customers as people who have an awareness of the quality, design, and story behind everything they invest.


The jewelry industry often overrides the mining impact on social life and the surrounding environment until it becomes one of the causes of chaos on earth. If all industry players pay attention to what their company might cause, then the earth will be more easily saved. This may be the reason Lilian von Trapp is touted as one of the pioneers of a revolution in sustainable jewelry.


Lilian von Trapp Lilian von Trapp Lilian von Trapp

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