Kaka Slank is the vocalist of the music group in Indonesia, Slank. He is the youngest of four siblings and was born in Jakarta, March 10, 1974. In addition, he is also a cousin of Bim-bim, founder of Slank.


The man whose real name Akhadi Wira Satriaji is getting to know music since he entered junior high school. Kaka not only became a music lover, in 1989 he e enter the music industry and decided to join the group band, Slank.


The success of this band makes Kaka has a glamorous lifestyle as a result of the lifestyle he was trapped in drugs for five years.


Initially he just wanted to try, but eventually, he became addicted to these drugs. Slowly Kaka began to avoid the drugs by reducing the levels. In 2000, Kaka managed to stay away from drugs and promised not to touch these goods anymore.


In order not to depend on drugs anymore, he underwent treatment with the help of therapy from Chinese medicines and workout at the fitness center near his home.


He also often shares information and provides cheerful sports tips at home through a brief shot on his Instagram account. Some movements are: floor dive, push up lizard, one arm push, pull-up table, and upside down shoulder.


He did it all by himself without being accompanied by personal trainers. Thanks to this sport, now he is healthier, fit also getting stronger. His stamina for the doing the gig was very increased sharply as well.


Not only that, he also decided not to eat rice and replace it with eating fruits that do contain lots of vitamins. According to him, rice has a very high carbohydrate and not good for the body if consumed too much.


Kaka also claimed that he is no longer a smoker in order to maintain his healthy body. Even every gig activity, Kaka always asks the committee to provide Slank backstage tent free from cigarette smoke. Not only that, Kaka and other personnel also requested that 100 meters from the backstage it is forbidden to smoke.


In addition to exercising and having a healthy lifestyle, Kaka also likes diving sports. In 2015, Kaka performs a diving activity to see the conditions at ten dive spots in the Indonesian sea. Seven of the ten points visited made Kaka’s heart touched because it was damaged by bombs, fishing activities netted all the fish and damaged the coral reefs by trampling it.


This Kaka activity, strongly supported by the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Indonesia, Susi Pudjiastuti. In addition, Kaka also asking  Susi about the destruction of foreign ships on the seafront. The bombing of illegal foreign vessels should not be drowned in the middle of the sea but slightly to the side, because the sinking ship can serve as a fish house and divers can visit the shipwreck that will become a new spot for divers.


Kaka environmental concerns and other personnel seen at the time Slank perform a concert with the theme of environmental care. Funds generated from the concert will be donated to the educational program “Learning Together with Nature.” Kaka also said that preserving nature is something that must be done, especially on taking care of various species of coral reefs and other marine species.


Although he has not consumed meat since 2012, he claimed still consuming fish. Usually, after a diving, Kaka fills his stomach by catching and burning fish. However, he realized that it was wrong. In order to keep fish populations at sea, in early March 2018, Kaka decided to become vegan and would not consume fish anymore.


Starting a change by living a healthy lifestyle makes the body fitter. Kaka Slank has proven that healthy body is the most important because is a priceless gift from God that has given to us, but sometimes humans forget taking care of it. The way to be grateful for the God ’s blessings is not difficult as what has been practiced by Kaka Slank.


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