Hamish Daud Wyllie is known as Hamish Daud. The son of David Wyllie and Latifah Weber was born on March 8, 1980, Gosford, Australia. He is not only famous as an actor, but he also works as an architect and presenter of nature tourism.


Early in his career, Hamish tried his luck in the natural tourism show presenter which matches his character as he is someone who really cares and in love with nature.


He attended Southern Cross University and spent his childhood in Bali and from this beautiful island, Hamish finds his love for nature.


Since childhood, his parents always take him for traveling to various tourist beautiful natural attractions.


While Hamish’s parents economy was going down, Hamish was forced to quit school at that time. The difficult times of his family, making Hamish and his family chose to live in the middle of the wilderness in the area of Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara and rely on everything from nature, home appliances and food.


Some Facts to Proof that Hamish really in Love with Nature

-Travelling to various natural attractions

He loves traveling since a childhood and he really loves going into the jungle and remote villages.


-Supports various environmental movements

His love for nature makes Hamish participate in the Indonesia Ocean Pride campaign. The purpose of this campaign so that humans can help protect the marine animals and make them live in a healthy life.


Together with friends who also love natures, Hamish created a community called Sea Soldiers. This community is encouraging people not to pollute the water distributed through waste, especially plastic waste discharged into the sea.


Hamish also a member of the nature conservation foundation. In this conservation, he was assigned to examine the population of endangered forest turtles.


– Really love animals

Not only love for nature, Hamish is also really in love with the animals. He even has a pet at his house.


-Set up a healthy lifestyle

Being accustomed to dangerous wildlife, Hamish likes extreme sports, such as challenging surf waves, diving in the ocean, rock climbing and weight lifting.

He also pays attention to his diet and only eats organic vegetables.


-Avoid the Plastic

By not using materials anything made of plastic, this is another way to protect the earth and the surrounding environment, including the use of a straw. Hamish prefers to make his own straw made from papaya or bamboo leaves, rather than using a plastic straw.



Not long ago, Hamish and Raisa held a wedding. At the reception in Bali, Hamish chose a party with a garden party theme, perhaps to be more integrated with nature, especially with the beautiful coast of Bali.


They both chose tea as their wedding souvenir. This is in order not to cause wasted items.


– Invite others to love with nature

At Hamish’s conservation in various areas, Hamish advised the local people to love the environment, either by not littering the river nor burning or cutting down trees in the forest.


Not only to others, Raisa his wife, also invited to love and blend with nature. They are visiting and helping people whose in needs in various corners of Indonesia.


Hamish Daud whose in love with nature make a good reason to be a role model for other young actors, actresses and for all other Indonesians generations.Traveling to nature places can bring energy and love back into our lives.


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