Before they were even got married, William and Kate ensured that their royal wedding would maintain eco vibes. Rather than accepting wedding gifts, this lovebird set up a charitable gift fund for guests to make donations. There are four of the charities benefitted elephants, rhinos, tigers, and Earthwatch. All these organizations that support environmental-research to educate and build a more sustainable Earth.

In addition, Prince William and Kate Middleton chose an eco-friendly florist, which used seasonal, natural and organic flowers and trees from plants that continue to grow and are not cut. After their wedding, flowers were donated and planted at Highgrove Garden located at Prince Charles’ home in Gloucestershire.

These gardens have been transformed into gardens using organic and sustainable techniques. Visitors can come tour the grounds, with proceeds going to the Prince’s Charities Foundation.

Prince William must inherit his eco-consciousness from his father who is a big environmental support. Prince Charles has been known to speak wisely when it comes to conservation.

It’s apparent why these two are a sweet couple since they both cherish the planet. Kate has even been known to recycle all her outfits. Instead of purchasing more clothes, she shops in her own closet and repeats ensembles, encouraging others woman to do the same.


William and Kate William and Kate William and Kate

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