Horn pendant necklace is a jewelry that cares about the mother of the earth in all the process. The old saying that all that glitters is not always gold, and there is a trend now that not all designer jewelry is made from gemstones and precious metals.

A lot of luxury label producing high-end jewelry and accessories made from a variety of materials, including buffalo horn. Buffalo and cow used for centuries for their milk and meat. Yet once they are slaughtered, their striking horns are usually thrown away and upcycle the material represented a sustainable way such as horn pendant necklace.

Typically in Africa and South East Asia, people tend to burn a lot all the garbage. All of that waste is burnt and it’s not environmentally friendly at all. Therefore upcycling by transforming it into something beautiful is really a good way of saving our mother of earth.

From beautiful horn pendant necklace, horn bangles and striking rings to adorable necklaces and earrings. The horn jewelry is a growing business jewelry line is sold to high-end buyers in Australia, the United States, and the whole Europe. All the horn pendant necklace are all handmade by a small dedicated team of local artisans who got all the inspiration from nature such as beach and flower and all the beauty of nature.

Horn pendant necklace kimora

Horn pendant necklace from the Islands of thousands God

Bali is a beautiful island where all the local talented artisans live. Upcycling the abandon of this beautiful material means to turn that raw materials into amazing craftsmanship such as horn pendant necklace. By keep expanding the horn pendant necklace means its keeping the heritage, the culture and the artisan’s life so they don’t lose hope.Keep the artisanal craftsmanship and expanding it by giving them more opportunities to create and show their artistic talent.

Alongside the cow horn, the traditional materials are also using for the designs, such as stones and leather that is using non-toxic process. Obviously trying to get the handmade products to market in a short time is quite a competitive challenge because of the mass production of Chinese jewelry that selling with really low price. Fortunately, the awareness of the customer about the dangers of mass factory jewelry is rising. All the plastic and some cute metal jewelry have dangerous materials such as cadmium, lead, chromium, nickel, brominated flame retardants, chlorine, mercury, and arsenic.

Horn pendant necklace le havre

Horn pendant necklace as handmade compared to mass factory necklace

All of the mass production jewelry factory that cost less than 15 dollars had a high level of hazardous chemicals. Some of them even had exceeded the 300 ppm limit for children’s products. More than eighty-five percent of the pieces had nickel and chromium, which can cause allergic reactions. All of that mass factory jewelry was a recall due to high alarming negative effect to the customers, especially to the children. Please take a quick scan of the necklace, bracelet and all the accessories you’ve got on to make sure none of these poisonous are making contact with your fragile epidermis skins.

You might think that using this contaminated jewelry is okay and not dangerous because you are not going to eat the necklace anyway. Well, these things are low price and can break easily and because it breaks easily there is a chance that your children might eat that broken pieces. This jewelry can make the brominated flame retardants, which are usually sprayed onto your jewelry or can be inhaled. That is bad because the compound used is a known hormone disrupter which is definitely not the best jewelry that you can think of. Therefore it’s really highly recommended to use only a safe material such as horn pendant necklace.The choice is yours.Happy shopping.

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