Jessica Alba, this sweet-faced woman named Jessica Marie Alba is a famous artist from Pomona, California, United States. She was born 28 April 1981 and one of Hollywood artist of Latin descent, her father is Mexican mix American and her mother is Canadian, Danish and French.


She is a successful actress and is known by the world community through several films she played, such as Dark Angel, Barely Lethal, Fantastic Four, Into the Blue Idle Hands and Sin City. Thanks to her skill in acting, she has earned many awards. This makes her name more known and included in the ranks of top Hollywood artists.


In 2008, Alba was married to Cash Warren’s, the son of actor Michael Warren. When Alba was pregnant, she was very protective of her pregnancy. Before her baby was born, Alba bought and tried baby detergent to wash her clothes, after she tried She felt allergic to her skin because of that baby detergent. According to her, the product is very unsafe for babies.


After the incident, Alba began researching and found many products including baby products that use very dangerous toxic chemicals. To avoid using chemicals for her child, Alba searches the perfect product from all over the world even Alba has also tried to make her own with baking soda and essential oils.


In 2012, Alba and one of her colleagues named Christopher Gavigan founded The Honest Company. Their goal is to establish The Honest Company to provide household products, especially non-toxic and environmentally friendly baby products.


At The Honest Co, all parents in America will find a variety of products that are safe, stylish and affordable. The company provides various necessities such as baby gear (diapers, soap, baby powder, lotion, shampoo, vitamins), bags, towels, adult vitamins, beauty products, aromatherapy candles, and educational books about making children happy and healthy in the safe environment.


All products in The Honest Co. are eco-friendly products made from 100% organic ingredients and also do not use preservatives. In addition, the packaging of products made of recycled glass and biodegradable plastic. Alba also always donate most of the proceeds from The Honest Co to an organization called Baby2baby. Outside of the sale of The Honest Co., Alba is a donor at 38 other charities.


In 2015, a national brand in the United States invites Alba who is a vegan and former first lady Michelle Obama to follow a campaign of fresh and bold movements contained in fruits and vegetables. This campaign aims to encourage Americans to eat more fruits and vegetables than to consume less healthy foods.

Not only using and creating eco-friendly products and living as a vegan, Alba also has an eco-friendly home. This eco-friendly home is located in Beverly Hills, California. This vintage-style house looks beautiful and majestic like a palace and the furniture and fixtures throughout the house made out of eco materials.


Alba also uses chemically colored orange and yellow paints (not VOC content) on her wall paint, vinyl chairs free of polyvinyl chloride chemicals, and most wood furniture and recycled materials.


Alba also has a vertical garden to further cooling the house. There were plenty of Terra Cotta everywhere that Alba set up as an ornament in all rooms.


According to Alba, discussing eco-friendly routine is an easy solution for her in living life naturally by using organic materials and environmentally friendly objects. Now she is not only known as a famous actress in Hollywood but also known as environmental activist and writer in America.


Alba’s concern for the environment is visible in many ways. Starting from her concern about eco-friendly products, healthy living as a vegan, do yoga sports and have a comfortable eco-house. Jessica Alba is very much to inspire the public to always be environmentally friendly.


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