We used to say that diamonds were a woman’s best friend. Nowadays women turn their head and exchange those friends to natural horn jewelry because it’s eco-friendly.

There are so many wide varieties of eco jewelry out there in the market. So it was quite hard to pick the best place to shop. Thanks to social media, we can now easily ask others, that we don’t even know through facebook, twitter or any social media platform about where to shop and ask other people opinion about that.

natural horn jewelry, sarah beekmans

Is natural horn jewelry eco-friendly?

Collecting special jewelry is one of woman favorite things, therefore most women are quite selective about their jewelry. Purchasing the jewelry is not only for its beauty but it has a deeper meaning. It needs to have a significant meaning, it needs to have value to them or related with the promise that they make with themselves or with some people who are close to them.

The natural horn is eco-friendly because it reflects the values in relation to the environment. Also, the problem related to social consciousness. Not only friendly to the environment, but the natural horn is ever lasting and will not fade easily and look cheap.

The horn jewelry is not damaging the environment either from the material itself as well the process of making it. Nothing goes to waste, making the production facility is carbon-neutral. We created the eco-conscious jewelry that is infused with love and positive vibes. It’s aiming to empower and inspire all the beautiful women around the world.

So as we can see, environmental free jewelry is around us. It’s just a matter of us to look in the correct way or for the matter, not looking at all in any direction.

natural horn jewelry, sarah beekmans

Why we love the natural horn jewelry so much?

The horn jewelry is a fabulous eco jewelry for women with all kinds of style, from bohemian beach babe to formal sophisticated ladies. Wearing the jewelry it feels like celebrating the earth day every day. We have contributed to hundreds of beautiful environmentally friendly natural horn jewelry which are inspired by nature around us. It became a must have in the fashion industry.

How about the style of natural horn jewelry?

All the eco-friendly jewelry that is handcrafted in Bali are from a sustainable and recycled material. It is from modern, classic, contemporary, techno, antique, up scale and timeless style. You will find for yourself or a gift to anyone that you care so much.

We need to ensure that the products that we buy are produced with the environment and ethics in mind. In addition, please don’t forget to share this article. The more people will start using environmentally natural horn jewelry in their everyday lives. That is how we can change the world into a better place to live in.

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