The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just took place on May 19, 2018. Although almost a second marriage lasted, but the euphoria of two lovebird marriage is still widely reported. Discussion also of many things, including the concept of marriage this couple is environmentally friendly.


As in the previous royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, the effects given by the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were not much different.


Although both carry the concept of environmentally friendly marriage, but the two marriages of the royal princes are packed differently. There are very striking changes in the marriages of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The theme that is presented in their marriage is a mixture of traditional with modernity while still paying attention to its impact on the environment.


Although royal marriages always invite controversy, both in terms of cost, the relationship with the kingdom, but many good things that can be picked from the wedding. While most people just continue to debate climate change without any action, the Harrys and Meghan partners show their concern for the earth and the environment through marriage. Here we summarize some couples wedding concept that is considered environmentally friendly.


  1. Charities

Prince Harry and Meghan is known as an active organizer and often participate in charity events. When they get married, charities do not escape their attention. Before the wedding day, they have confirmed that they will not receive any kind of donation on their wedding day.


Instead, they advise those who want to give a wedding gift to donate it to their designated charity according to issues of concern to both, including sports entities for social change, women’s empowerment, conservation, the environment, homelessness, HIV, and armed forces.


  1. Dekosari Wedding Flowers

For floral decorations, Prince Harry and Meghan chose Philippa Craddock who designed it. Philippa uses flowers and plants that are in season and bloom naturally in May. Flowers used include beech, birch, hornbeam, foxglove, also white roses and peonies.


The flowers used mostly come from Windsor Great Park, The Crown Estate, and The Royal Parks located in Hyde Park. All the flowers are local, sustainable flowers that people rarely think of for decoration.


The flowers are preserved in such a way and free of pesticides that are friendly to bees and butterflies, and can maintain the continuity of life in the garden environment. To keep the freshness of the flowers and leaves, Philippa relies only on water and does not use floral foam (substitute media).


  1. Wedding Cake

If traditionally the British royal family uses fruit cake as a wedding cake, it is different with Prince Harry and Meghan who prefer a cake with lemons and elderflowers decorated with fresh flowers as a characteristic of Violet Cake, Claire Ptak’s cake shop.


Claire always makes cakes from seasonal and organic ingredients. Royal wedding cake this time equipped with elderflower syrup that grows in the Queen’s residential. 150 fresh flowers (including peonies and roses) and Swiss Meringue Buttercream increasingly beautify the look of the cake.


The choice of the cake proves that both are concerned with originating, sustainable, and seasonal food sources. It is also in line with what Prince Prince has been doing about organic food since the 90s.


  1. Wedding Gown

Meghan’s second dress was made by famous fashion designer Stella McCartney. Stella itself is a pioneer of sustainable fashion. He also catapulted the praise of both couples for bringing the message of environmental awareness in marriage. The dresses made for Meghan look very charming, sexy, and amazing.


  1. Car Bridal

Upon leaving Windsor Castle, the couple given the title Duke and Duchess of Sussex are using a blue environmentally friendly car to go to a reception held at Frogore House. The car is the Jaguar Classic E-type Concept Zero. This car is a sports car that was originally manufactured in 1968, then converted into electric power with LED headlights.


With all the concepts chosen by the friendly Prince Harry and Meghan has reduced the carbon footprint by a sizeable amount. Given these two lovebirds is a very influential figure making a good example for the world’s population to help raise awareness of the importance of protecting the environment.


Thus, hopefully more people are moved to behave eco-friendly as exemplified in the marriages of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.


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