Alicia Silverstone, the beautiful blond actress, was born in San Francisco, October 4, 1976. Her parents came from England, Deirdre “Didi” (Radford), a former Scottish steward at Pan Am, and Monty Silverstone, a British real estate agent.


Coming from a well-established family does not necessarily make Alicia just stay silent at home. Since the age of 6, Alicia has started her career as a model and often appears in ads on tv. In addition to active in the world of models, Alicia is also did acting and received many awards for her performance.


Alicia Silverstone originally famous in Hollywood with various roles in the film, now she is better known as an actress as well as animal and environmental protective activists. Alicia is known to be active in the PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) organization, an animal protection organization with members and supporters reaching more than 6.5 million people.


In 1998, Alicia decided to become a vegan after addressing a meeting on animal rights. She considers himself to be a problem for making animals as food even though she loves them. Since then she was determined to stop eating meat and strive to become a vegetarian.


After joining PETA, Alicia was chosen as “Sexiest Female Vegetarian” (2004) by the organization. In 2017, it appears in printed ads and appears naked in 30-second commercials to advertise PETA’s vegetarian program. Not only actively giving action to her environment in PETA, Alicia also always try to instill the soul of eco in her family.


After marrying a rock musician Christopher Jarecki in 2005, they lived in an eco house in Los Angeles. The house was bought by Alicia since 1996, complete with solar panels and organic vegetable garden.


She thinks the inventive way of getting an environmental prowess is at home, either by using energy-saving equipment, putting solar-powered panels on the roof, or even recycling floors from an obsolete bowling alley to a tabletop surface.


Getting a lot of experience while living her life in an eco way, Alicia then launched a book called The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight and Saving the Planet in 2009.


Her book is listed at the top of the New York Times bestseller’s “Hardcover Advice & Misc” category. She also created The Kind Life blog which contains tips on healthy living while saving the earth by applying the principle of “green living”.


Her action in saving the earth continued until she gave birth to a boy in May 2011. She continues to inspire people to do eco-friendly movements together. After the birth of her son, Alicia got a new experience, namely to become a parent. This led her to create a second book that was finally published in 2014 under the title The Kind Mama.


In her second book, Alicia describes her experience as a mother and tries to make sure that having and taking care of a child is fun.


Do not forget, she still insert a message of go green movement through how to care and educate children, such as training potty training on the baby early to be free from diapers and avoid paper as a child toy. In addition to the two books, Alicia plans to release her third book, The Kind Diet Cookbook.


Furthermore, Alicia reappeared naked in anti wool ads with the group “I’d Rather Go Naked” in 2016. This beautiful lady also built a sanctuary for rescued pets in Los Angeles.


The tracks of  her go green action also recorded in 2012 during the trial of a rock band from Russia named Pussy Riot. She wrote a letter to the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, containing an application for permission to provide vegan food for all Russian convicts.


Until now Alicia is still actively doing the go green movement. She even issued eco-friendly products and tools, such as skin care and cosmetic brushes. In collaboration with Juice Beauty, Alicia launches skin care products made from natural ingredients and has been certified organic. Its product packaging is made from recycled materials.


The inner soul of Alicia is so strongly embedded in her heart. Proven with so much that she has done to contribute to saving the earth. While waiting for the next go green, we can try to apply what she has exemplified in each of us.


“Everything you do in the name of the environment not only saves your health, it saves your soul” (Alicia Silverstone).


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