Natasha Archer, 30-year-old woman is touted as a fashion stylist of  Princess Kate Middleton. This rumor has emerged since the media captured her presence in Lindo Wing after the birth of Prince George, son of Prince William and Kate Middleton in July 2013.


Tash,  this blond woman is often called, is the only outsider in the royal family who enters the Lindo Wing with a bag of clothes and a baby car seat. The bag made the public wonder if it was a blue and white polka-dot dress motif Kate wore when she emerged from the hospital.


Natasha is reported to have helped Kate set her dress since the summer of 2014. Previously, Natasha has been working in the kingdom since 2007 as PA (Personal Assistant) of  Kate Middleton and known as “Kensington Palace PA”. She began to be promoted to Kate’s fashion stylist after her thoughts on nude shoes were well received by Duchess and the way she packed the perfect royal travel suitcase.


There has been no confirmation from the kingdom about the role of women who graduates of Hispanic Studies. Natasha is known for her degree in private boarding institutions Uppingham School and King’s College London. Her profile on LinkedIn regarding work is also just listed as “* at The Royal Household”.


However, rumors about Natasha Archer as Kate’s new fashion stylist are being reinforced by Tash’s frequent discussions with famous designers about the outfit that Kate will wear. Since rumors circulated in the Lindo Wing, the public is also aware of a change in style Kate dress so suspected that Kate has changed stylist.


Some designers also admitted that they had a discussion with Tash, for example on clothes worn by Kate in 2016 ago. The outfit is designed by Bojana Sentaler, founder of SENTALER brand. Based on Sentaler’s acknowledgment, Kate’s stylist has observed SENTALER then contacted her directly.


Another designer whose design used by Kate during a tour of India two years ago also talked about Natasha. Anita Dongre, a designer from Mumbai said that Kate’s fashion designer has changed a little of the clothes she launched (“Gulrukh” dress) at Lakme Fashion Week. Generally, the women in India wear these clothes combined with pants and scarves.


Another case with Tash, she instead changes the scarf into a belt and cut some parts of the shirt so that makes it into a dress. Although the design has changed slightly, Anita Dongre remains proud because her products are worn by  Kate Middleton.


Tash is known as someone who often mixes and match clothes. She often shopped clothes online for Kate and asked Kate to try hundreds of clothes. It can be said that Tash is a pretty influential person in terms of Kate’s dress style. Given that Kate has now become a royal family, everything about her will be the public spotlight, including her dress style.


Lots of influence on how to dress Kate, the bloggers also became interested in Tash outfit choice. The products Tash used to dress Kate were Topshop, H & M, Zara, and Asos purchased through online.


Natasha Archer’s mix and match habit can also inspire to be done in a sustainable way, for example mixing matching new clothes with old ones. Doing so is the same as recycling our clothes.


That way, clothes that have not been worn can look like new again. Although some risks might occur, it never hurts to try first. Kate Middleton who is a royal princess alone dare to take risks from mix and match style performed by Natasha Archer


natasha archer


natasha archer natasha archer

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