Loving the earth is the duty of every individual who inhabits it. If love is not implanted in our hearts, then no one will take care of the earth and destruction is inevitable. Loving the earth does not have to be shown with something big, often simplicity brings a lot of happiness.


Earth is no longer as healthy as before. Keep in mind that the earth is just like a living thing that can die if not treated and maintained condition. Elements that strengthen the earth’s condition that water, soil, plants, and others that exist in the earth need to be preserved its existence.


Begin to Loving the Earth

Humans are often carried away in the enjoyment of facilities provided by the earth to use it too much, even to hurt the earth just for their benefit only. The trees that grow on the earth are cleared, the waste is left to pollute the earth, the excessive use of plastic leaves a huge carbon footprint, and many other reckless acts that ravage the earth.


Without realizing it, the earth becomes more fragile because of its own inhabitants. In fact, the more human beings damage the earth’s environment, just as damaging themselves. If the quality of nature declines, it will automatically affect the occupants in it. Therefore, let’s start loving the earth in a simple way.


A Simple Way to Loving the Earth

There are many ways that can be done to show our love to the earth, from small to big. Here are some easy ways that can be done as a proof of our love for the earth.


First, save on using electricity. This is often echoed until perhaps some people are tired of hearing it. But, this is one powerful way to help the earth. Excessive use of electricity for example.


Thus, we should be wiser in using electricity. Turn off the power if not necessary, for example during the day. The benefits can improve the condition of the earth also humans benefit because it can save on electricity costs.


Second, plant trees. Nowadays, the green land is diminishing because of the crowded buildings and the trees are decreasing in number. Trees play an important role in maintaining the condition of the earth because it can provide coolness and overcome global warming. For that, there is nothing wrong if we follow the action of planting a tree that is often held by an organization. At least start from the yard of your own home by planting flowers or small plants.


Third, reduce the use of plastic. This object is very often we encounter in everyday life. Most merchants pack their products using plastic. However, the plastic is very difficult to decompose and contains toxic chemicals that can enter the soil and water, making it contaminated. Begin avoiding the use of plastic for a better earth. When shopping, bring a canvas bag to avoid a plastic bag.


Fourth, paper saving. The papers we usually wear are made of cut trees. The more we use paper, the more trees we have to cut. To overcome the excessive use of paper, we can do a recycle that actually gives more value.


Fifth, reduce vehicle usage. Vehicle exhaust smoke is one of the largest contributors to global warming. The smoke can pollute the air and damage the ozone layer on earth. Switch to non-smoking bicycle vehicles containing CO2 gas.


With the ways above we can improve the condition of the earth little by little. The Earth will again become a habitable planet. Before it’s too late, start doing it from now. Loving the earth and love it in the simple way as mentioned above.


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