Livia Firth or previously known as Livia Giuggioli was born in Rome Italy on September 4, 1969. She is the creative director of Eco Age, a consulting company that specializes in enabling businesses to achieve growth and adds value in sustainability or sustainability.


She studied at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” until she completed her doctorate by producing a documentary, Giuseppe Tornatore: A Dream in Sicily, directed by Marc Evans.


She worked as an assistant producer from Fernando Ghia from 1990 to 1995. While producing the TV movie “Nostromo” in Colombia, she met Colin Firth and got engaged to him until they finally got married.


Firth began her career as a producer of a documentary, My Whole Life in Prison, directed by Marc Evan. This documentary won the award for Best Documentary at the International Human Rights Awards in Geneva, Switzerland in 2007.


That same year in 2007, Firth and her brother, Nicola Giuggioli (who was the CEO of the company), founded Eco Age, and they managed to attract a variety of clients both in the fashion world and in the business world.


Livia Firth and the Story Behind the Green Carpet Challenge

Firth founded the Green Carpet Challenge in 2009 with Lucy Siegle, the British journalist. GCC is very famous all over the world and the project combines glamor and ethics to enhance sustainable fashion profiles.


In 2012, Firth launched The Circle Initiative with Annie Lennox. A Circle is a group of women who work for Oxfam and with them, Firth has traveled to Ethiopia, Kenya, Bangladesh, and Zambia. In addition, they held various events in London to increase awareness of the importance of protecting the environment and thinking about sustainable clothing.


Then in September 2012, the Green Carpet Challenge and American Express worked together to create Green Cut. The green cut is a unique exhibition that combines eight innovative fashion designers with eight movie icon to create striking dress collections, attract attention and of course all follow the GCC guidelines.


In November 2012, she was awarded the change award from the United Nations because she had initiated the GCC. In March 2013, Green Carpet Challenge launched Mark GCC Brand, in collaboration with Gucci and launched the world’s first zero deforestation bag made from Amazon leather.


Project from Livia Firth and Colin Firth

Together with her husband she also supports Survival International, a global movement for the rights of indigenous peoples. The movement was founded in 1969 in London with the mission to help indigenous and tribal peoples to defend their lives, their lands, and fundamental human rights.


The ultimate goal is that they can be free from all forms of persecution, racism, and genocide. One of their movements was to participate in a campaign launched in 2012 to defend Awá, which is one of the most endangered tribes in the world.


Firth is the Global Ambassador of Oxfam. She currently lives in London with her husband, the famous British actor Colin Firth, whom he has married since 1997. Livia Firth lives there with her two children, Luca and Matteo and also with their pets, a cat and four fish.


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