Did you know that the key issues in the fast fashion industry are still unknown to many people. Currently, the global fashion industry is producing more greenhouse emissions than the combined aviation and shipping industry? Clothing is very important to provide protection and for many people, it is a form of expression but the trend for ‘fast fashion’ not only pollutes the environment but also produces an annual global waste value of US $ 460 billion. In other words, that means 87% of all textiles end up in landfills.


What are the key issues in the fast fashion industry that people need to pay attention to?

  1. Quality vs. quantity

This is not all in the fashion industry. We must take responsibility as well as fast fashion consumers. Even though we can suppress fashion brands quickly with our pockets, we can also change our own buying behavior. Buying less but better is something that embraces fashion designers more.


For example, double stitched shoulder is the examples to indicate well-made clothing. Not only does it make clothes longer, but you will also find it easier to pass them on to others when you are bored or want to recycle the clothes. Livia Firth the founder of Eco-chic recommended and campaigned 30 Wear Tests. This campaign has a message that you don’t buy anything unless you use it at least 30 times.


  1. Textile waste

Textile waste is not only a problem at the end of the life cycle but can be a problem from the start. In most of the manufacturing process, about 20% of the cloth is thrown into the cutting room floor after the garment pattern is cut from the fabric. All fabric waste will eventually be disposed of and cannot be recycled.


The company also works with dead stocks such as clothing and fabrics that have not been sold. Usually, this will end up in a landfill or even be burned if the style has copyright to protect the intellectual property of the brand.


Key Issues in the Fast Fashion Industry

  1. Manufacturing is a human rights issue

Increasing customer demand for cheaper and faster fashion over the past 20 years has created pressure on producers which in turn often results in employees being paid lower wages to work longer hours. Even in some cases could be slavery and violations of workers in minors. These are the 3 key issues in the fashion industry that people need to know.


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