Kampung Ciptagelar is an interesting place if you are on vacation to Sukabumi. If there is the spare time you can go and feel the serenity and sensation back to nature.


This village will offer you a million charms of beauty in a village that is still has a lot of natural to offer and untouched by modern life.The location is in the south of West Java and directly adjacent to Banten.


If you visit this Kampung directly, you will see this natural beauty that is guarded by residents of Kampung Ciptagelar. For 600 years, the inhabitants of this village have been keeping the tradition passed down from generation to generation.


It took a long struggle to get to this beautiful place. If you are already in downtown Sukabumi, you have to travel again for 7-8 for before you can set foot.


Your journey will start from Cisolok, Sukabumi through good road conditions. You will go through narrow streets and road conditions are quite apprehensive when you enter the forest in the area of Mount Halimun National Park. The streets in the area of Halimun Mountain National Park is still very slippery with soil and rock and you will pass the bridge is only made of wood.


Although you go through the streets that are in bad condition but along the way your eyes will be pampered with a green refreshing landscape. The smell of nature and the air that blows is soothing in the body. The scenery and atmosphere on the journey will make you forget the length of traveling time.


For those of you who like offroad, the stones and winding streets are perfect for your hobby. Out of the Halimun Mountain National Park area, you will see the green row of rice fields like the carpet being held and that is a sign that you are approaching this destination.


On your visit,  you can stay in the house of local people so you can get a special experience. There are no fix prices for tourists staying in their homes. The sound of a rooster, the smell of fresh trees, the fragrant soil dripping with the dew and the cool air will greet your morning after you open the bedroom window. No wonder some villagers wear a jacket or sarong to warm themselves in the morning.


At lunchtime, you will be entertained by a meal with the family whose house you live in. The rice served is rice that is grown alone by the surrounding villagers. Rice pulled and sugar content are low because the grain is stored long in the barn.


Once you are satisfied with the food served, you can take time to get around the village to see plantations, paddy fields, and rice barns. The favorite spot for you to remember is Leuit Si Jimat which is next to the customary chief’s house. The leuit is very large and there is an ornament in front of it.


Before returning home you can buy souvenirs sold by residents of Kampung Ciptagelar. All items are made by hand and knitted by themselves such as cloth, sarong, t-shirts, home appliances, and coffee.


Exploring this village will be fun and make you forget the hustle and bustle of the city. There are various meanings you can take after feeling the hospitality and simplicity of the People. Nature will bring happiness and good fortune, nature will give reciprocity to all the humans who take care of it. Let’s go to Kampung Ciptagelar.


Kampung Ciptagelar Kampung Ciptagelar Kampung Ciptagelar Kampung Ciptagelar

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