Kamikatsu is a small town located in Katsuura area, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan. The area is only about 109.68 square kilometers and by 2016 the number of population is recorded about 1,482 inhabitants. Although classified as a small town, Kamikatsu is known as a very clean and waste-free city.


The city has strict regulations on waste management. Previously, like other residents, the existing waste was removed by burning. However, Kamikatsu residents have finally realized that burning garbage is not the right solution to eliminate waste. Burning waste can cause other problems, such as air pollution, water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions that will harm the environment and the population.


Therefore, in 2003, the city promoted the zero-waste program very strictly. The form of effort is to provide a super-specific waste bin. They completely separate the garbage according to the material.


For example, the garbage cans will be separated according to the material of the can, whether aluminum, steel, or other. Similarly, on paper waste, whether paper carton, flyer, or other types. Each category has its own trash can.


Imagining the waste separation process up to 34 categories may seem troublesome. The inhabitants of this city also felt that way. They are somewhat objected to the environmental regulations that require residents to wash their trash, sort by category, and then taken to the sorting and recycling centers in the city.


There are no garbage trucks operating in this city. The residents must bring the garbage itself to the garbage sorting center. This is what makes them initially feel a bit hassle. But over time, the population began to get used to the rules.


Although the garbage that people bring to the waste recycling center has been separated according to the category, the officers there will check it again to ascertain whether the waste separation has been done properly.


The city also has a shop to accommodate old stuff. On that place, people can leave clothes, furniture, or other items that are still worthy of use, but not desirable. Then they can exchange their goods with free stuff left behind by others.


There is also a factory that employs the city’s female population to make new products from discarded items. For example, create a teddy bear doll from a used kimono outfit. Thus the disposable goods do not accumulate and become garbage.


Kamikatsu residents and city authorities really pay attention to change their lifestyle to be healthier and environmentally friendly. Currently, the city has managed to eliminate garbage with a percentage of 80% of the waste recycled, reused, or composted. This small town plans to completely free completely from the waste by 2020.


Kamikatsu has done a real action on the handling of waste that as we know that garbage is always a great threat to the earth. According to a World Bank report in 2015, it is estimated that 1.4 billion people will live spreading across cities in the world by 2025. Each person will generate about 3 pounds of trash a day.


If we do not act from now, then the earth we live in will be filled with garbage. When it comes to that, the earth is no longer fit for humanity. Therefore, start to concerned more about the environment and more responsible for what is done. Garbage accumulation can be avoided by following what has been done by Kamikatsu residents.


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