Junita Liesar is a socialite and entrepreneur who is also a healthy living practitioner. This Chinese and Manado woman was born in Ternate, June 9, 1970. Her first interest in yoga when she gave birth to her second child 24 years ago.


Before becoming a wealthy businesswoman, she began her career at the age of 16 years as a model and work part-time in a company. Entering the age of 17 she decided to marry a wealthy businessman who works in the property.


Her beautiful face, her tall, slender posture made all eyes fixed on her even though she was almost a fifty years old now. Always appearing in her fashion and accessories with the famous brand, Junita claimed not to show off but more to the comfort and durability of products when worn.


Junita also said that she does not like the crowds of malls, socialite gatherings, hanging out at cafes and attending high-class events. But occasionally she also came to the premiere of the movie, launching certain products and socialite birthday event just because in order to maintain good relations with her relatives and close relatives.


This friendly and down to earth character makes Junita has many friends. She is also can give booster when her friends are having trouble because her parents already taught her from childhood to be someone who is wise, strong and also calm.


In her daily life, Junita prefers her time spent in the office taking care of important documents, as well as meeting clients and employees. The rest of the time is spent only at home or out for a while just for lunch with family and friends nearby.


On the sidelines of her busyness take care of travel agency companies, cake shop, property, and mining business, she also always took time to do yoga exercise. The beauty that keeps young and looks healthy makes her friends curious about the body she has. Some of her friends think Junita do liposuction surgery on her body.


It turns out the secret is in sports activities that Junita routinely do. Junita routinely performs yoga, pilates, and swimming exercises. Not only that she also always keep a healthy and regular diet.


For her everyday drinks e, morning and evening she always makes jamu temu lawak. The ingredients consist of temu lawak, white turmeric, yellow turmeric, tamarind, ginger, honey and a little lime juice.


Her passion for yoga sport is proven by establishing Union Yoga Dharmawangsa which is located at Jalan Wijaya, Kebayoran Baru. Junita also said that her body is not completely perfect, and there are still many shortcomings. But she was always grateful to be given a slim and healthy body like now even though she already has children.For beauty treatments, especially for face care, she uses moisturizing cream and also various natural ingredients to detox face from excessive makeup.


It turns out that her beauty is not only on her face but also in her heart. Junita is the founder of the JL Foundation, the company contributes to the country that focuses on problems that occur in the elderly, women who experience sexual violence and child abuse. Not only that Junita also become a donator on the father’s social foundations.


Despite having a number of activities in the field of work, doesn’t make  Junita forget the importance of being healthy. Junita Liesar doing yoga and other sports to keep her body looking beautiful and healthier.


Junita Liesar Junita Liesar Junita Liesar Junita Liesar Junita Liesar Junita Liesar

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