Horn necklace is a necklace whose main material comes from the horn of an animal, such as buffalo, cow, bull, ox, and other animals that have horns. This necklace is now popular with many people because of its uniqueness which has different characteristics from other necklaces.


The jewelry before was only known to be made of gold, silver, or other precious metals, it was unexpected that horns could also be created into necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings, and various other accessories. With extraordinary hand skills that can change the horns that are shaped in such a way into high-value art items.


History of the Emergence of a Horn Necklace

Horns first appeared in the early 19th century. At that time cattle and buffalo were used by farmers as the main power in their fields. For the middle class and the elite, they will have cows or buffaloes to plow the fields when the harvest season arrives, while the lower middle class need to hire them from the rich people.


Like other living creatures, cows and buffaloes are getting older and are no longer lifeless. When the animal dies, the owner will burn their horns to ashes and bury their carcasses in the rice fields as fertilizer and as a worship for hard work during their life in the fields. That is why some of the animals’ bodies and souls must return to the ground after their death.


However, at one time skilled craftsmen found a way to make horns into useful items that could be used for everyday purposes. They turn horns into bowls, trays, and spoons for household appliances.


Gradually the skills of the craftsmen are getting higher and honed. They finally found ways to turn horns into small items for women’s accessories such as horn necklaces, horn earrings, horn rings, horn pendants, and rings for scarves that were also made of horns.


Reasons for Choosing the Horn Necklace

As time went on, horn jewelry was increasingly global. There are many people who are no longer familiar with this jewelry. Many people who are interested in owning it, even Hermes the high brand name also glance at horn jewelry. Then, what is the reason they like jewelry from horns?


First, other necklaces or accessories made from organic material horns. This material is sourced from nature in the form of living things and can be used directly without having to go through a long or simple process. Organic materials can be processed directly into objects with high use values ​​and are not damaging to the environment.


Second, horns are gifts from nature that are unique in color, soft and sensitive to moisture when in contact with a woman’s skin. Because of the unique color of the horn, each necklace made from this material will have a different color. This makes the necklace limited edition and the person who has it will feel special because only one person can have a necklace with that exact color.


Third, good for health and a symbol of courage and greatness. Horns are commonly used in Chinese herbal medicines because they are believed to be able to treat health well. Objects made from horns can have a tremendous influence on the wearer’s skin.


In addition, horns are also commonly used as trophies that can give luck to hunters. In ancient times, the horns, bones, and teeth of creatures that were successfully hunted would be used as amulets so that the next hunt would also succeed.


Necklaces and other jewelry from the horns symbolize courage and greatness that can give respect to the hunter from their villagers. Even though now we are no longer hunting, the horn necklace worn by a woman will be a symbol of her courage in everyday life.


Fourth, as a form of environmental awareness. Horns that come from dead animals will become garbage if they are not reused. Processing horn waste into jewelry is one form of recycling that can help the planet maintain its cleanliness.


Those are some reasons why people prefer horn jewelry as their accessory. In addition to giving beauty to one’s appearance, jewelry from horns is also environmentally friendly. Because the material is sourced directly from nature, necklaces from horns also tend to be more durable. Don’t hesitate to wear a horn necklace because this can be an example of our concern for the environment.


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