Ferdinand movie is an animated comedy-drama produced by  Blue Sky Studios, Davis Entertainment, and 20th Century Fox Animation. Inspired by a children’s book titled The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf and Robert Lawson, Ferdinand’s movie gives anti-violence messages to animals.


The movie was directed by Carlos Saldanha, a Brazilian director who used to create and produce animated films at Blue Sky Studios. The movie tells about a bull is written by Ron Burch, David Kidd, and Don Rhymer.


In this movie, the bull character named Ferdinand is described as a kind and gentle bull figure since he was a little boy. Because of his gentleness, he refused to participate in the bullfighting contest that had become the tradition and culture of Spain, the place where Ferdinand originated.


Spain is famous for its bullfights festival. The country with the nickname as

” Matador Country” has made the bullfighting festival as a tradition and culture that held every year. Many of the bulls that fall are carried out, both of which are wounded to death also experienced the bulls that collide.


For that reason, the film tries to change the minds of its audiences that the bullfighting tradition is only done to seek pleasure without thinking about the fate of the bulls involved. Through Ferdinand’s gentle and non-violent nature, the message of nonviolence against animals is what the Carlos Saldanha movie is all about.


Instead of competing in the arena of the contest, this gentle bull would prefer to inhale the scent of flowers. He prefers to avoid being asked to fight. Unfortunately, the first owner of this bull maintains it to be a bullfighter in a bullfight with a matador, the person who fought with a bull and then kill him. Ferdinand decided to run away and finally meet the new kinder owner named Nina.


The movie was a success and won many awards. The moral message in this film is very touching the hearts of many people. Criticism of the Spanish culture that often holds a bullring contest was also delivered. For the animal is also a creature who has the right to live, in line with PETA thinking (an organization that focuses on animal rights), so that the movie is welcomed by the organization.


In its official website, PETA helped promote the animated movie. According to them, the movie worth watching by everyone because it can give awareness about the freedom of animals.


The movie with the same story has also been produced before, namely in 1938. In that year Walt Disney Studios made a short animated movie titled Ferdinand the Bull. The movie also achieved great success and awarded Oscar trophy.


Despite the same story, the two different movies resemble the story differently. In the latest version of the movie released in 2017, there is a new character, but the message and the story are still the same as in the original book.


From this movie, we can understand that even animals have the freedom to live and violence against animals is one form of violation. Although this movie gets a lot of pro and contra for offending Spanish culture, overall the moral message conveyed in the this Ferdinand movie is very good and educational.


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