When it comes time to choose an ethical &  conflict-free engagement ring, there will always be human rights and environmental issues that must be considered. Diamond stones have a history that triggers conflict and mining of precious metals often damages the environment. Apart from this, miners are often given unfair remuneration and inadequate health and safety provisions.


For prospective brides who are aware of social impacts, ethically sourced engagement rings are a must and fortunately, there are a number of charming choices and affordable prices. These jewelry companies recycle and diamonds and vintage jewelry are conflict free. Many of these brands are also certified green and give back to their communities or the environment in several ways.


In addition, the used rings from auction sites such as eBay, antique items on Etsy, and online or local consignment stores are good choices if you are looking for something new for you without providing a new carbon footprint to the environment.


If you want to plan an ethical & sustainable marriage, these are some lists of ethical and conflict-free engagement ring brands.


List of Ethical & Conflict-Free Engagement Ring

  1. Taylor & Hart

Diamonds are used ethically

Average Price Range: $ 995– $ 2,500


To get an engagement ring, you must order in advance and Taylor & Hart will guide you to creating a perfect work whose design is based on your own tastes. Companies go beyond the Kimberly Process to ensure that their diamonds are conflict free. Taylor & Hart will work with you through a personal consultation to design the perfect ring in about four weeks.


The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) in detail is a process established in 2003 to prevent “conflict diamonds” from entering the diamond market by UN General Assembly Resolutions that have followed the recommendations in the Fowler Report. This process was formed to ensure that the purchase of diamonds does not finance violence by the rebel movement and their allies who try to damage the legitimate government.


  1. New York AUrate

This company has a strict standard of social responsibility, searching for diamonds to ensure it does not come from conflict diamonds and uses recycled gold, do not forget they also have programs that give back to the community.

Uniqueness: A minimalist wedding ring and made in the United States

Average Price Range of $ 150– $ 900


New York AUrate believes that you don’t have to choose between high quality, fair prices and the need to do good when it comes to buying jewelry. They go beyond the Kimberly Process and trace every diamond from the mine to their local New York workshop to ensure they come from an ethical and environmentally sourced. On each purchase, AUrate donated to a local organization to help support literacy in New York.


Additional List of Ethical & Conflict-Free Engagement Ring

  1. Fair Trade Jewelry & Co

The company has a B Corp certificate, supports fair trade and gold which is nickel free and mined fairly.

Uniqueness: Custom rings and provides loan rings when you want to apply.

Average Price Range of $ 995– $ 5,495


Fair Trade Jewelry Co. is an online retailer based in Canada that provides engagement rings and rings made specifically for the proposal. They became the first North American business to use Fair Trade Certified gold, and also B-Corp certified. In addition to being sustainable and environmentally responsible, they have a strong partnership with the Responsible Jewelry Board, the North American Jewel Association, and the Canadian Competition Bureau. Ready to apply but don’t have a perfect ring yet? They also provide rings that can be borrowed for a proposal.


  1. Trumpet & Horn

This ring is an antique, conflict-free and environmentally friendly

Uniqueness: Vintage style

Average Price Range of $ 775 – $ 10,000


Trumpet & Horn believes that vintage engagement rings are valuable, valued and passed on from generation to generation. Their antique rings are made with recycled metal, repurposed jewelry, and diamonds that were discovered before mining conflicts, ensuring that they only use conflict-free diamonds for their customers who want an ethical & conflict-free engagement ring for their special moments.


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