Straws are really that singular item that every day someone can say no to, and it doesn’t cause us problems as individuals. It’s not that hard to give up straws.


How can we stop using plastic straws in our life? Here are six alternatives.

1.Bamboo Straw

These are lightweight, reusable, and don’t have any chemicals or dyes. These straws are made straight from stalks and can be easily washed.

2.Steel Straws

Steel straws are easy to clean and can be carried around in a bag without worrying about stains.

3.Paper Straws

These are a single-use alternative to plastic straws. These are durable enough to not break down in a drink and are fully compostable.

4.Water Bottle or Reusable Cup With Straw

Reusable water bottles and cups with reusable straws and lids are an easy way to avoid using plastic straws.

5.Glass Straws

These straws are easier to use than straight glass straws because you don’t have to tip your glass.

6.No straw

A lot of the time, straws are unnecessary and you can drink right out of a cup. Starbucks, for instance, recently tested out an “adult sippy cup” for its iced coffee and it works just as well as a straw.


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